Meaning of FILL in English


I. verb


be filled to capacity (= be completely full )

The courtroom was filled to capacity.

be filled with a smell

The house was filled with the smell of baking bread.

be filled with anger/be full of anger

His face was suddenly filled with anger.

be filled with gloom

She was filled with gloom as she looked around the place.

be filled with happiness

As I drove back home, I was filled with happiness.

be filled with joy/be full of joy

I was full of joy at the thought of seeing her again.

be filled with pity/full of pity

His heart was filled with pity for them.

be full of admiration/be filled with admiration

I’m full of admiration for what you’ve done.

be full of hate/be filled with hate

People’s faces were full of hate.

be full of remorse/be filled with remorse

Filled with remorse, Dillon decided to resign.

be full of/filled with excitement

They were full of excitement at the thought of meeting a real movie star.

be full of/filled with hatred

She told me, in a voice full of hatred and contempt, that I meant nothing to her.

fill a container

Two big containers were filled with water.

fill a cup

Angie filled the cup and handed it to him.

fill a position (= find someone to do a job )

We are now seeking to fill some key positions in the company.

fill a post (= find someone to do a job )

They have advertised the post but it hasn't yet been filled.

fill a vacancy (= find or be a new person for a job )

We are making every effort to fill the vacancies.

fill a vacuum

What political ideas have filled the vacuum left by the fall of communism?

fill (a vehicle) up with petrol

She stopped to fill up with petrol.

fill in/fill out/complete a questionnaire (= answer all the questions in it )

All staff were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their jobs.

fill in/fill out/complete a questionnaire (= answer all the questions in it )

All staff were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their jobs.

fill in/out a form (= write the answers to the questions on a form )

Fill in the form and send it back with your cheque.

fill out/fill in an application (= write all the necessary information on it )

I would like to fill out an application for the position.

You can fill in the application form online.

fill out/fill in an application (= write all the necessary information on it )

I would like to fill out an application for the position.

You can fill in the application form online.

fill the void

Running the business helped to fill the void after his wife died.

fill up with fuel (= put fuel in a vehicle's fuel tank )

Before leaving, I filled up with fuel at the local petrol station.

filled in...blanks

When you’ve filled in the blanks , hand the form back to me.

filled/full to the brim (= completely full )

The cup was filled to the brim with coffee.

filled...with dismay

The thought of leaving filled him with dismay .

filled...with dread

The prospect of flying filled me with dread .

filling station


The amusement park will fill a void in this town, which has little entertainment for children.

sb’s eyes fill with tears

His eyes filled with tears as he recalled his mother’s sacrifices.




They circled in the wind, their cries filling the morning air as we crossed the bottom meadows into the hamlet.

But there is another way to make it float, which is to fill it with hot air .

A spark-boat sputtered by, filling the air with the smell of ozone.

A cacophony of violins, clarinets and trumpets fills the air .

The child stops, judders violently, fills his lungs with air , ready for more.

A sheet of flame issues from our ranks; a cloud of smoke fills the air and obscures our vision.

A huge chasm had appeared with flames creeping through and billowing smoke filling the air .

Leafu autumn filled the air , but even so the afternoon had the temperate, almost silky feel of mid-summer.


Application forms Sometimes you will be required to fill in an application form which will be used to select candidates for interview.

During those terrible months after getting his pink slip, he filled out endless application forms.

Please read the notes before filling in the application form on pages 3 and 4.

And they push and prod them to do everything from filling out college applications to finishing their science projects.

It could allow only 800 posts to be filled out of more than 1,700 applications nationwide.

Since January, those applying for loans up to $ 100, 000 need only fill out a one-page application .

Simply fill in the application form and return it to your branch.

Besides, she was busy writing letters and filling out applications for grad school.


It is the one construction which will fill the bill exactly.

It just happened that Bobby filled the bill in this case.

And certainly, Peter Weiss' Marat-Sade fills the bill for audience and company alike.

In the end, only some form of income subsidy will fill that bill .

In lieu of real out-of-town travel, Kingfisher fills the bill nicely.

For many of these postindustrial wanderers, the primal quality of pentecostal worship seemed to fill the bill .

Had she been a man, his dear friend Aspasia could have filled the bill .

Luckily, Colossal still fills the bill .


Choose New Card or New Contact and fill in the blanks .

That gave Clinton the opportunity to fill in the partisan blanks , in greatly unflattering terms.

To build these clever applications, you just select from menus or fill in the blanks on forms.

But the Holy Spirit would fill in the blanks .

Concert work fills the blanks in her diary left by the Bastille debacle.

Still, some means had to be found to fill in the blanks .

Does the whole conceptual perspective of the Monitor theory narrow down to a focus on filling in the blanks ?

The author then filled in the blanks about how wise, handsome, brave, and team-spirited they were.


Siobham half fills each glass in turn except one which she fills to the brim .

Looking back, Susan saw South Park filled nearly to the brim with cloud, only the saw-toothed peaks rising above it.

Jacob filled to the brim with sorrow for the woman whom, despite everything, he had loved.

Children are wise and strong and filled to the brim with compassion.

She was here in the flesh to oblige Miss Beard, but her mind was filled to the brim with Joss Barnet.

Tipping the pencils from a paper cup, he filled it to the brim .

The big cup with the chipped handle had been filled almost to its brim with milky cocoa.


Participants said the city's main square was filled to capacity .

The room was filled to capacity that night with professionals all dressed up and on their best behavior.

He bathed his face in the fountain of her body liquid, and filled his mouth to capacity .

The ship, it is said, is filled to capacity with sperm oil.

The Lake District National Park is filled to capacity for much of the summer.

Four 26-week groups are run simultaneously and are always filled to capacity .

A safety valve releases any excess pressure once the air chamber has been filled to capacity .

Were the planes leaving Sky Harbor for Texas and Pennsylvania filled to capacity ?


But my heart became filled with fear when I saw no prisoners.

The younger ones were filled with innocent fear .

His voice was filled with dread and fear and heavy weights.

Her mind was filled with fears and hopes, the principal one being the same for her as for him.

Yes, we love them, but their power over us fills us with fear and gnawing guilt.

His eyes, which, moments earlier, had been filled with fear and horror, were now clear, almost calm.

But it was not the sight of Sir Hugo or the girl that filled the men with fear .


Sponsor Form Important Please take photocopies of this form before filling it in if you are going to collect lots of sponsors.

Normally forms must be filled out before such badges can be issued, including disclosure of a criminal record.

At Trent Park, you will be given a registration form to fill in and hand in before starting the walk.

He was using false addresses on every form he filled out.

Masses of forms to fill , medicals, then the issue of an enormous pile of kit.

There were forms to fill out.

They should get their form back all filled in with the area they forgot highlighted.


This has allowed short term seated events to fill the gaps in the programme between major exhibitions.

Corporate social scientists now candidly admit that with the disintegration of traditional social structures, companies have filled the gap .

They then considered how best to fill these gaps - what research strategies, and what people and resources would be needed.

I suspect that if the government gets out of the way, more charities will eagerly fill whatever gap is created.

This idea should fill a gap in its particular market.

Foreign agribusinesses, using sophisticated Internet marketing, quickly fill gaps in U.S. supplies of everything from asparagus to garlic.

Sickness of workers requires skilled process workers from other shifts to fill the gap .

Steve Chamberlain of Capitol Video in Hollywood said the new film will fill in gaps and expand segments from the original.


Siobham half fills each glass in turn except one which she fills to the brim.

In the kitchen I filled a glass and gave it to Edusha.

He filled a glass full of water and returned to his daughter's bedroom.

Toni filled the glasses with ice cubes and watched as Letia slid two thick red steaks under the broiler.

The aim of the game is to see which of the teams can fill up their glass the first.

He opened them each a beer and filled his own glass from one of the pitchers.

The game continues until one team fills the glass .

Three waiters descended on the table, filling water glasses , adjusting silverware and plates.


It filled every house we lived in, spilling from every surface, crammed on to beds and shelves.

In previous years her job has been filled by a preregistration house officer.

Lenny has filled the house again.

Again young laughter would fill the house .

In the kitchen Maude was singing softly as she baked bread, its sweet, fresh scent filling the house .

We lost the topsoil that had been back-filled against the new house .


Are employers using Compact to fill unattractive jobs ?

The results, which are kept on file, are referred to when filling job orders.

A first-class woman columnist would come from the Liverpool Post, along with the man to fill the key job of chief sub-editor.

Ream was the last of the outsiders to fill the job .

Perhaps the clearest indication of this was the difficulty he encountered in filling the job of finance minister in his new cabinet.

Students are the people who, one way or another, will end up on our doorstep to fill our jobs .

Dave and Debbie Casson decided to share a ministry, offering themselves as a team to fill one job .


An idea began to fill her mind , blocking everything else so that she could only fix on it.

Memories of Bryan and Jennifer filled his mind .

Rohan filled her mind , sleeping and waking.

The past fills our minds , but only the past of the last four decades.

But every minute of the day, music filled his mind .

It is true that Jacob will emerge more than just unscathed from the danger that fills his mind as he returns home.

Letting the questions fill his mind .


Others can fill your needs , like finding a reliable defender.

It was vital to fill those needs so that women would begin to buy tickets and travel by airlines.

The wide acceptance of this style guide, and similar ones in other disciplines, suggests that it fills a need .

He could get his feet on the ground by filling a lefty bullpen need .

Antonia Fraser's admirable book has entirely filled that need .

One man who did this and filled a great need was James Watt.

Engineering does not start by knowing the answers but by attempting to fill the need .

Where bilingual ballots do fill a need is in the initiatives such as bond issues, charter amendments and the like.


You might fill half a page or a dozen pages before you come to a standstill.

News of, and speculation about, the creature fills the pages of local newspapers and dominates the airwaves.

I could fill an eight-\#page supplement with their letters.

Sometimes the questioning went on for several days, and always the words were transcribed to fill hundreds of pages of transcript.

I could fill pages and pages with lists of self-help groups that have grown out of this discovered energy.

Soon Evan had filled his notebook page with memories of diving under the water to get a closer look at the boat.

A droll comment from time to time enlivens the dry information that fills most of the pages of a typical register.

After filling several notebook pages with black scrawl, I stopped the recorder.


Phillip Neill also fills second place in the 750 championship, with 109 points to Morrison's 120.

Then it became a problem of moving the more intrepid ones westward so that others could fill their places .

Bodies crushed and absorbed, Tallis-Holly herself became trapped in the quivering, silent forest that filled the stone place .

Emma-Jane Mac filled third place on Everest Oyster with the only other clear round of the jump-off.

London will again fill one of the places with Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham competing for the other spot.

Headteachers began filling empty reception class places with under-fives in the Seventies because the low birth-rate had caused a shortage of five-year-olds.

She filled her place , she fetched and carried for him, but any tame girl would have done as well.


Eagle currently has no finance director, and a person to fill this position is being actively sought.

Elections give newcomers the chance to unseat incumbents or to fill vacated positions .

The Vice-Chairman was unable to fill the vacant position so an interim administration was formed to take us to the next assembly.

Last fall, Kaczynski applied for a job at the Blackfoot Market, but Potter had already filled the position .

It informs them that others in society are more important and have a natural right to fill certain positions .

I participated in a national competition called to fill eight positions of associate professor in gastroenterology.

Not all groups feel the need to fill all of these positions .


However the appointment of staff to fill the new posts meant that our overall complement was little changed and consciences were salved.

MacDonald could scarcely find enough party stalwarts with the ability or experience to fill even the major posts .

The training council is now trying to recruit some one to fill the £45,000-a-year post .

She used to be with Grand Metropolitan and now, apparently, they've had to appoint men to fill her post .

Mr Ozal is now under pressure to seek agreement with the opposition on a suitably dignified figure to fill the post .

Also, when does the right hon. and learned Gentleman hope to fill the post of Director of Public Prosecutions?

Staff are also seconded to fill established posts in geological survey departments in the developing nations of the Commonwealth.


This will have profound implications for established roles and relationships, and the development of people with talent to fill the roles.

Thomas gave Rose credit for filling the role of point guard Wednesday.

Inside, however, I felt inherently inferior, inadequate to fill the role .

With the shift toward commercial traffic plus diminishing federal support, most regional providers have to evolve to fill new roles .

But, for the most part, these men and women were hired to fill more junior roles than Mr Steffen's.

And who, today, comes anywhere near filling that role ?

We deny this, only to the inevitable result that we fool ourselves, and fill our leadership roles with fools.


Cold glass and cold metal frame filling that room .

Clouds of steam from the dishwasher filled the room when the going got heavy.

In the transmitter, infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room .

Her knowledge of publishing trends, literary history, and books of every description and genre, however, filled rooms .

I was too excited by the sight of all the beautiful objects that filled the room .

Nobody would be there with the party filling the other rooms .

Then the stench of burning bodies fills the room .

A lamp, a table, light filling a room .


People began filling up the empty seats .

San Marcos then held a special election to fill the open seat , for which Thibadeau campaigned and lost.

He filled 80, 000 seats in a soccer stadium.

These bargains are designed to fill airline seats or hotel rooms that would otherwise sit empty.

And he knew he was the only one of them who could truly justify filling that empty seat .

The Conservative margin is expected to be reduced to one after two upcoming elections are held to fill vacated seats .


Mr. Forth I am constantly conscious of my illustrious predecessors and daily find it difficult to fill their shoes .

But I think that she would hope that some of her students would help to fill her shoes .

Nor had they, because the old devils had filled their shoes with earth from Balnagowan in Easter Ross.

Then, as men often do, I found a woman who could fill her shoes , and married her.

Managers who never leave do not have to wait for another manager to retire or die so that they can fill their shoes .

But the sea rushed in, smoothing away the names, filling her shoes with frothy, sandy water.


The pub was filling and the smoke haze thickened as spirits rose.

The gin flows and the room fills with smoke .

But then the room was filled with light and smoke .

The watching team could see through the windows that the interior of the chamber quickly filled with smoke .

Instead we sat silently in the cab as it slowly filled with smoke .

The car was filling with smoke .

The town's alleyways were filled with black smoke .

Another passenger convinced her to leave the plane, which was quickly filling with a choking smoke .


Incidentally, direct a little light down behind the speaker: it fills the space behind him and makes him more three-dimensional.

Life has filled a space in the grove with wood reaching higher than I can.

The continents sit on shifting plates that form the outer crust of the Earth; and the oceans fill the spaces in between.

If Virginia Street seemed to stretch the material to fill the space , this second play seems to cram it in.

It fills all space , penetrating and permeating everything.

Prosperity was an endless prairie, and corporations expanded almost exponentially to fill those empty spaces .

New leaves will soon grow to fill the space .

Why fill up the space any sooner than necessary?


But you couldn't feel smug about filling up your tank with unleaded while all that was going on.

At the pole, we fill the tanks with 400 tons of water and 700 tons of hydrogen and oxygen.

To operate, always fill the water tank while the machine is disconnected from the mains socket.

Then fill up the gas tank .

There were plenty more to fill your tank to the one inch to two gallons stocking ratio recommended.

Find something to eat and fill up the gas tank and see what the day brought.

These dutiful wives will stoke their boilers, fill their tanks to keep them running.

The problem is filling the antimatter tanks without annihilating them.


As she replaced the receiver with a sad little gesture she felt her eyes fill with tears .

Once, my eyes start to fill with tears and I excuse myself and go to find the bathroom.

Her eyes suddenly filling with tears , she shook her head.

The air was filled with tear gas and hordes of these balloons floating on to the streets below in the afternoon sun.

When Ken came home, he walked into my room, his face filled with tears .

The hollow eyes on the pillow were filling with tears .

When Caterina hears this her eyes fill with tears , and Gilfil would like to comfort her.


Blundell has filled the vacancy which had been earmarked for first-choice newcomer Damon Hill.

In fact, many teachers have left private preschool jobs to help fill the vacancies in primary-grade classrooms.

These are the course which will fill their vacancies rapidly.

The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy occurring in the office of Auditor during the year. 10.

Then, too, the band or orchestra directors may encourage kids to fill certain vacancies in the ensembles.

No wonder, then, that so many candidates are competing to fill the vacancy in DeKalb.

Clinton filled two vacancies on the high court in his first term.


And Right-to-Life ideology has filled the vacuum .

Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will fill the vacuum created when Felipe Gonza lez was defeated as prime minister in 1996.

With fewer material battles to fight, character, values and faith seem to have filled the vacuum .

No new politician has come to the fore, so others vie to fill the vacuum .

But our instinctive need to fill the vacuum inspires us to the ultimate irony: We turn 12 average citizens into killers.

Bargaining might be said to help fill the vacuum that in other systems is occupied by disciplined political parties.


The non-official majority was able to reduce the power of civil servants but powerless to fill the ensuing void .

In the resulting culture of pain, sadness and despair, disenfranchised young men fill the void of personal power with guns.

Husbands may put even more effort and hours into employment outside the home to fill the void .

So we try to fill the void by attacking other people, somehow taking esteem from them.

Often companies fill their voids with waste.

No accelerated training session can completely fill this void .

It fills all the interconnected voids , and the volume of water depends on the porosity and permeability of the rock.

A major consideration in 1983 was to fill the void left by the closure of the old dockyard.


To operate, always fill the water tank while the machine is disconnected from the mains socket.

Simple tasks like filling sandbags or carrying water to the shower area were suddenly difficult.

If a fault develops in the machine water feed the product container can fill with water.

For Los Angeles to take their water to fill their washtubs and water glasses was one thing.

After filling a glass with water , she returned to the kitchen and sat down and slowly sipped the water.

Three waiters descended on the table, filling water glasses, adjusting silverware and plates.

The abandoned mines would fill with water contaminated with iron, acids and chlorides which could seep through ground waters affecting rivers.

Meanwhile the tunnel, open to the spray, was filling up with water .


fit/fill the bill

A floral design with a Regency stripe background, for example, fits the bill perfectly.

And the martini fits the bill ?

But it also fits the bill because people could order their favorite liquor.

It is revealing, therefore, to see what sort of people are thought to fit the bill in these places.

It just happened that Bobby filled the bill in this case.

Many other jobs get handed out simply because a minister happens to know some one who might fit the bill .

The fact that she and Hugh happened to fit the bill seemed to give her every opportunity for finding out.

The martini perfectly fits the bill because of its simplicity.

step into/fill sb's shoes

She stepped into her shoes , grabbed her clothes, and ran that way.


Fill the hole with a mixture of compost and sand.

A feeling of joy filled his heart.

After heavy rains in March, the reservoirs began to fill up.

An audience of over 5,000 had filled the hall that night.

Boxes and piles of magazines filled every room in the house.

Computers used to fill up entire rooms.

He had a notebook that he had filled with stories and poems.

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

I found a clean mug and filled it.

Just turn on the faucet and fill it up.

Mix the spinach and cheese and use it to fill the pasta shells.

The days were hot, filled with sunshine and clear skies.

The smell of smoke filled the house.

They opened the doors and the hall quickly filled.

Visitors fill Brighton's streets during the summer.

We stood at the counter, filling our bowls with salad.


Agelong Hindu cruelty to his unhappy brethren filled Ambedkar with anger and spite.

He seemed to Robbie's eyes to fill the limited space.

Morsels of luscious chocolate that seem shaped by a jeweller's hand are filled with sumptuous extravagances.

Not without hesitation, he filled his water-bottle.

Some analysts suspect that even the big companies will be stretched to fill all those extra berths.

II. noun




Here the nomads water their flocks and the horses drink their fill when the tourists have dismounted.


Why were those high-fibre eaters keeping slim even when they were eating their fill ?

Menelaus gave them a courteous greeting and bade them eat their fill .

There was still time for Frankie, if he was very quiet and very careful, to eat his fill .

I stopped at some blackberry bushes and ate my fill .


be filled to overflowing (with sth)

For the moneyed and the merely curious, stalls and kiosks were filled to overflowing .

For the remainder of that summer churches were filled to overflowing and numerous conversions took place.

step into/fill sb's shoes

She stepped into her shoes , grabbed her clothes, and ran that way.


And as I stood and gazed my fill A stable-boy came down the hill.

He probably can not afford to get his fill .

The fill must be stabilized before big-time development can start on the island.

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