Meaning of FILL in English


v. & n.


1. tr. & intr. (often foll. by with) make or become full.

2 tr. occupy completely; spread over or through; pervade.

3 tr. block up (a cavity or hole in a tooth) with cement, amalgam, gold, etc.; drill and put a filling into (a decayed tooth).

4 tr. appoint a person to hold (a vacant post).

5 tr. hold (a position); discharge the duties of (an office).

6 tr. carry out or supply (an order, commission, etc.).

7 tr. occupy (vacant time).

8 intr. (of a sail) be distended by wind.

9 tr. (usu. as filling adj.) (esp. of food) satisfy, satiate.

10 tr. Poker etc. complete (a holding) by drawing the necessary cards.

11 tr. stock abundantly.


1. (prec. by possessive) as much as one wants or can bear (eat your fill).

2 enough to fill something (a fill of tobacco).

3 earth etc. used to fill a cavity.

Phrases and idioms:

fill the bill be suitable or adequate. fill in

1. add information to complete (a form, document, blank cheque, etc.).

2 a complete (a drawing etc.) within an outline. b fill (an outline) in this way.

3 fill (a hole etc.) completely.

4 (often foll. by for) act as a substitute.

5 occupy oneself during (time between other activities).

6 colloq. inform (a person) more fully.

7 sl. thrash, beat.

fill out

1. enlarge to the required size.

2 become enlarged or plump.

3 US fill in (a document etc.).

fill up

1. make or become completely full.

2 fill in (a document etc.).

3 fill the petrol tank of (a car etc.).

4 provide what is needed to occupy vacant parts or places or deal with deficiencies in.

5 do away with (a pond etc.) by filling. fill-up n. a thing that fills something up.

Etymology: OE fyllan f. Gmc, rel. to FULL(1)

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