Meaning of FILL in English

n. 25B6; verb

he filled a bowl with cereal : MAKE/BECOME FULL, fill up, fill to the brim, top up, charge.

guests filled the parlour : CROWD INTO, throng, pack (into), occupy, squeeze into, cram (into); overcrowd, overfill.

he began filling his shelves : STOCK, pack, load, supply, replenish, restock, refill.

fill all the holes with a wood-repair compound : BLOCK UP, stop (up), plug, seal, caulk.

the perfume filled the room : PERVADE, permeate, suffuse, be diffused through, penetrate, infuse, perfuse.

he was going to fill a government post : OCCUPY, hold, take up; informal hold down.

we had just filled a big order : CARRY OUT, complete, fulfil, execute, discharge; formal effectuate.


25A0; fill in SUBSTITUTE, deputize, stand in, cover, take over, act as stand-in, take the place of; informal sub, step into someone's shoes/boots; N. Amer. informal pinch-hit.

25A0; fill someone in INFORM OF, advise of, tell about, acquaint with, apprise of, brief on, update with; informal put in the picture about, bring up to speed on.

25A0; fill something in (Brit.) COMPLETE, answer, fill up; N. Amer. fill out.

25A0; fill out GROW FATTER, become plumper, flesh out, put on weight, get heavier.

25A0; fill something out

this account needs to be filled out : EXPAND, enlarge, add to, elaborate on, flesh out; supplement, extend, develop, amplify.

(N. Amer.) he filled out the forms. : See fill something in .

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.