Meaning of FILL in English


■ verb

1》 make or become full.

↘block up (a hole, gap, etc.).

↘(of a sail) curve out tautly from its supports as the wind blows into it.

2》 pervade (a place or the air).

↘cause to experience a feeling.

3》 appoint a person to (a vacant post).

↘hold and perform the duties of (a post or role).

4》 occupy (a period of time).

5》 satisfy (a need).

↘ chiefly N. Amer. be supplied with the items in (a prescription or order).

■ noun

1》 ( one's ~ ) as much as one wants or can bear.

2》 an amount that is enough to ~ something.

↘material which ~s a space, especially in construction work.

3》 (in popular music) a short interjected instrumental phrase.


~ someone's shoes (or boots ) informal take over someone's role and fulfil it satisfactorily.

Phrasal verbs

~ in act as a substitute.

~ someone in give someone information.

~ something in

1》 Brit. add information to complete a form or document.

2》 complete a drawing by adding colour or shade to the spaces within an outline.

~ out put on weight.

~ something out add information to complete a form or document.

↘give more details about something.


OE fyllan (v.), fyllu (n.), of Gmc origin; related to full 1 .

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.