Meaning of TRUE in English


adj., adv., & v.

adj. 1 in accordance with fact or reality (a true story). 2 genuine; rightly or strictly so called; not spurious or counterfeit (a true friend; the true heir to the throne). 3 (often foll. by to) loyal or faithful (true to one's word). 4 (foll. by to) accurately conforming (to a standard or expectation etc.) (true to form). 5 correctly positioned or balanced; upright, level. 6 exact, accurate (a true aim; a true copy). 7 (absol.) (also it is true) certainly, admittedly (true, it would cost more). 8 (of a note) exactly in tune. 9 archaic honest, upright (twelve good men and true).

adv. 1 truly (tell me true). 2 accurately (aim true). 3 without variation (breed true). (trues, trued, truing or trueing) bring (a tool, wheel, frame, etc.) into the exact position or form required. come true actually happen or be the case. out of true (or the true) not in the correct or exact position. true bill US & hist. a bill of indictment endorsed by a grand jury as being sustained by evidence. true-blue adj. extremely loyal or orthodox.

n. such a person, esp. a Conservative. true-born genuine (a true-born Englishman). true-bred of a genuine or good breed. true-hearted faithful, loyal. true horizon see HORIZON 1c. true-love a sweetheart. true-love (or -lover's) knot a kind of knot with interlacing bows on each side, symbolizing true love. true north etc. north etc. according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north. true rib a rib joined directly to the breastbone. true to form (or type) being or behaving etc. as expected. true to life accurately representing life. trueish adj. trueness n.

[ OE treowe, trywe, f. the Gmc noun repr. by TRUCE ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.