Meaning of TRUE in English


I. ˈtrü adjective

( usually truer -üə(r); -u̇(ə)r, -u̇ə ; usually truest -üə̇st)

Etymology: Middle English trew, trewe, from Old English trēowe faithful, trustworthy; akin to Old High German gi triuwi faithful, trustworthy, Old Norse tryggr, Gothic triggws faithful, trustworthy, Old Irish dreb certain, Old Prussian druwis faith, Lithuanian drūtas strong, thick, Sanskrit dāruṇa hard, dāru wood — more at tree


a. : steady, firm, and dependable in allegiance or devotion to a loved one, friend, leader, group, or cause : not false or perfidious

his musical idiom was unique, and by remaining true to it, he expressed himself with the utmost clarity — J.D.Cook

all true men were needed to save the country — Shelby Foote

specifically : steadfast in observing marriage or other vows

a lover absolutely true in act and word and thought — H.O.Taylor

b. : honest , just , upright

he was absolutely true , genuinely square in his relations to those about him — W.A.White

c. archaic : truthful , veracious

dare to be true ; nothing can need a lie — George Herbert



(1) : conformable to fact : in accordance with the actual state of affairs : not false or erroneous : not inaccurate

mathematics, I thought, had a better chance of being true than anything else that passed as general knowledge — Bertrand Russell

it is true that there is an underlying intention to keep patronage alive — Herbert Read

(2) : conformable to nature, reality, or an original : accurate in delineating or expressing the essential elements

fiction is truer than history, because it goes beyond the evidence — E.M.Forster

specifically : describing actual events that happened

a true story


(1) : being on a level transcending phenomenal or everyday existence : ideal

nobler ideas — truer because they are more in harmony with man's situation in the universe — Liston Pope

the same event can be said to be true for faith but untrue for science — W.R.Inge

appropriate to the inward search and responsive to true values — Pietro Belluschi

(2) : being more genuinely characteristic of or operative in than manifest motives or appearances : essential

the party's principles and policies, rather than its actual social composition, should be the criterion of its true nature — N.D.Palmer & South CarolinaLeng

a better understanding of the true motives in human behavior — Printers' Ink

c. : being that which is the case rather than what is believed, assumed, or claimed

the true dimension of the world refugee problem is clearly being ignored or sidestepped — Gertrude Samuels

sent her back to bed without telling her the president's true condition — Time


(1) : consistent with expectation or previous performance

remains true to its background of cattle barons — American Guide Series: Texas

(2) : confirmed by later experience or investigation

the lawyer's premonition was true — Leo Marx


a. : properly so called: as

(1) : void of deceit : sincere , unfeigned

true love

(2) : not sham, counterfeit, or adulterated : genuine

returned to the true faith

expect to make true and rapid progress in civil rights — D.D.Eisenhower

(3) : being essentially what it is called

the true coastline was … 140 kilometers from the apparent coastline — Valter Schytt

the true stomach, the abomasum, forms only about one seventh to one tenth of the total capacity of the ruminant stomach — S.J.Watson

(4) : designed or functioning in a manner regarded as essential to meeting a standard

none of these institutions could be regarded as a true university because none had a faculty capable of examining for the higher degrees — J.B.Conant

a true textbook is one especially prepared for the use of pupil and teacher — Textbooks in Education


(1) : possessing all the fundamental characters of and belonging to the same natural group as

a lizard is a true reptile

a whale is a true but not a typical mammal

(2) : typical

the true cats may be distinguished from fossil allies by characters of the dentition


a. : such as it should be : proper , fitting

facts presented in their true order and bearing


(1) : legitimate , rightful

the true and legal successors of the old régime — Geographical Journal

(2) : related by blood

would a true child always take precedence of an adopted child — Notes & Queries on Anthropology

5. : that can be relied on : trustworthy

heard by true telling that you have money and means — Augusta Gregory

claim that his polls are a true representation of the opinions of the whole nation — Current Biography

specifically : determined with respect to a statistical population rather than a sample

prefer the narrow range with bias to a truer average with wider dispersed values — Photogrammetric Engineering


a. : placed, fitted, or formed accurately

the blocks of granite were so true that practically no mortar was used — American Guide Series: Nevada

b. : comformable to a standard, rule, or pattern : exact , accurate , correct

supply the disposal agency with the originals or true copies of all documents — U.S. Code

singing on true pitch

c. : molded by environment, family, or culture and marked by similar attitudes and characteristics

a true product of his age, being neither more skeptical nor more credulous than any other — J.A.Rushing

a true child of the rising West — H.E.Starr

d. : best fitting one's aptitudes or interests

found his true vocation after many false starts


a. : reliable or accurate in function : exact

the machine is truer than the hand — Edward Bellamy

b. : accurate, quick, or complete in measuring, grasping, or comprehending fact

a true understanding of our heritage — W.R.Steckel

whose turns and rhythms of speech have been caught by a true ear — B.R.Redman

imagination is truer than reason is — O.S.J.Gogarty

8. : related to a fixed point ; specifically : determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles

true north

true west

9. : logically necessary : universally valid

10. : narrow , restricted , strict

a how-to-do-it booklet in the truest sense of the word — Mary S. Switzer

11. : corrected for error — compare true altitude

Synonyms: see faithful , real

II. noun

( -s )

1. : something that is true : ultimate truth : reality — usually used with the

2. : the quality or state of being accurate (as in alignment or adjustment) — used in the phrases in true and out of true

the rail level may sag out of true — O.S.Nock

III. transitive verb

( trued ; trued ; trueing also truing ; trues )

: to make level, square, balanced, or concentric : bring or restore to a desired mechanical accuracy or form

trued an engine cylinder that had got out of round by boring it oversize

trued an unbalanced grinding wheel with a dressing diamond

repaired a worn housing by mounting it on centers in a lathe and taking a light trueing cut

trues up a fixture with the machine spindle by using a dial indicator

IV. adverb

( usually -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English trewe, from trewe, adjective, true

1. : in accordance with fact or reality : truthfully , honestly

your childish lips spoke truer than you suspected — Rosa Luxemburg


a. : without variation from path or position : in true : exactly , accurately

the bullet flew straight and true

the doors … still hang perfectly true — American Guide Series: Maryland

— often used as an interjection for emphasis or as a signal of confirmation, admission, or endorsement of a fact

true , there was a blot on the escutcheon of that lady — W.S.Gilbert

b. : without change

a variety that comes true from seed

: without variation from or of type

genuine mutations usually breed true

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