Meaning of TRUE in English


adj., adv., & v.


1. in accordance with fact or reality (a true story).

2 genuine; rightly or strictly so called; not spurious or counterfeit (a true friend; the true heir to the throne).

3 (often foll. by to) loyal or faithful (true to one's word).

4 (foll. by to) accurately conforming (to a standard or expectation etc.) (true to form).

5 correctly positioned or balanced; upright, level.

6 exact, accurate (a true aim; a true copy).

7 (absol.) (also it is true) certainly, admittedly (true, it would cost more).

8 (of a note) exactly in tune.

9 archaic honest, upright (twelve good men and true).


1. truly (tell me true).

2 accurately (aim true).

3 without variation (breed true). (trues, trued, truing or trueing) bring (a tool, wheel, frame, etc.) into the exact position or form required.

Phrases and idioms:

come true actually happen or be the case. out of true (or the true) not in the correct or exact position. true bill US & hist. a bill of indictment endorsed by a grand jury as being sustained by evidence. true-blue adj. extremely loyal or orthodox.

--n. such a person, esp. a Conservative. true-born genuine (a true-born Englishman). true-bred of a genuine or good breed. true-hearted faithful, loyal. true horizon see HORIZON 1c. true-love a sweetheart. true-love (or -lover's) knot a kind of knot with interlacing bows on each side, symbolizing true love. true north etc. north etc. according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north. true rib a rib joined directly to the breastbone. true to form (or type) being or behaving etc. as expected. true to life accurately representing life.


trueish adj. trueness n.

Etymology: OE treowe, trywe, f. the Gmc noun repr. by TRUCE

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