Meaning of TRUE in English


adj. 1 accurate, correct, truthful, faithful, literal, authentic, veracious, actual, factual, realistic, genuine, right, valid, unelaborated, unvarnished, unadulterated, verified, verifiable Do you swear that this is a true account of what actually took place? 2 staunch, faithful, devoted, dedicated, loyal, fast, firm, unswerving, steady, steadfast, trustworthy, trusty, dutiful, upright, honourable, constant, unwavering, stable, dependable, sincere, reliable, true-blue D'Artagnan proved himself to be a true friend 3 proper, exact, accurate, unerring, correct, precise, right, Slang Brit spot on It is important that these matters be seen in their true perspective If this is a true copy of the original, please sign it.

adv. 4 truly, truthfully, honestly, accurately, candidly, frankly, sincerely, straightforwardly Tell me true, do you love me? If the report speaks true, then we must find the culprit 5 exactly, correctly; geographically We sail true north to Iceland 6 come true. come to pass, occur, take, place, happen, be realized, become a reality, be fulfilled Her dreams finally came true when she bought a little house in Kent

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