Meaning of FAT in English


n. 25B6; adjective

a fat man : PLUMP, stout, overweight, large, chubby, portly, flabby, paunchy, pot-bellied, beer-bellied, meaty, of ample proportions; obese, corpulent, gross, fleshy; informal tubby, roly-poly, beefy, porky, blubbery, chunky; Brit. informal podgy, fubsy; archaic pursy.

fat bacon : FATTY, greasy, oily, oleaginous; formal pinguid.

a fat book : THICK, big, chunky, substantial; long.

(informal) a fat salary : LARGE, substantial, sizeable, considerable; generous, lucrative.

thin, lean, small, good.

25B6; noun

whale fat : BLUBBER, fatty tissue, adipose tissue.

he was running to fat : FATNESS, plumpness, stoutness, chubbiness, tubbiness, portliness, podginess, flabbiness; obesity, corpulence; informal flab, blubber.

eggs in sizzling fat : COOKING OIL, grease; lard, suet, butter, margarine.

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