Meaning of FAT in English

adj. 1 obese, stout, overweight, heavy, plump, rotund, corpulent, portly, well-fed, chubby, podgy or chiefly US pudgy, roly-poly, tubby, bulky, fleshy, paunchy, pot-bellied, overfed, flabby, elephantine, Colloq broad in the beam, beamy, beefy, Slang US five-by-five A fat man squeezed in beside me 2 oily, oleaginous, unctuous, greasy, fatty, pinguid, sebaceous, adipose His complexion is bad because he eats too much fat food 3 rich, wealthy, prosperous, affluent, well-to-do, well off, Colloq well-heeled, loaded They grew fat on their profits from the black market 4 profitable, lucrative, fruitful, remunerative, Slang cushy He has a fat job as a purchasing agent for the government

n. 5 obesity, corpulence, stoutness, overweight, heaviness, plumpness, rotundity, portliness, chubbiness, podginess or chiefly US pudginess, tubbiness, fleshiness, paunchiness, flabbiness He leans a little towards fat because of lack of exercise 6 riches, wealth, prosperity, fertility, yield, abundance, plenty, plenteousness He's living off the fat of the land

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