Meaning of FAT in English


1. words for describing someone who is fat

2. extremely fat

3. fat and not very tall

4. a part of the body that is fat

5. a fat stomach

6. to become fatter

7. to make someone fat

8. to make an animal fatter




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1. words for describing someone who is fat

▷ fat /fæt/ [adjective]

having too much flesh on your body. It is rude to tell someone that they are fat :

▪ Peter was a fat little boy.

▪ I’m getting too fat for my clothes.

▪ After thirty years, Teddy looked just the same, only a little fatter.

▪ Most fat people simply eat too much by normal standards.

▪ Though she weighed only six stone, she thought she was fat.

▷ overweight /ˌəʊvəʳˈweɪt◂/ [adjective]

too fat, especially so that you need to lose some weight in order to be more healthy or attractive :

▪ The doctor said I was slightly overweight and that I needed more exercise.

▪ The majority of overweight people who diet tend to gain the weight back within a few years.

5 kilos/10 pounds etc overweight

▪ My mother is about 50 pounds overweight.

grossly overweight

extremely overweight

▪ People who are grossly overweight are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

▷ big/large /bɪg, lɑːʳdʒ/ [adjective]

fat - use this especially when you do not want to say ‘fat’ because it would be impolite :

▪ Even though she’s big, Rosemary is an attractive woman.

▪ It’s often difficult for large people to find fashionable clothes that fit them.

▪ Mrs. Medlock is a large woman, with a very red face and bright black eyes.

▪ He runs quite fast for a big man.

▷ plump /plʌmp/ [adjective]

fat, especially in a pleasant and attractive way :

▪ Stevie is a plump healthy-looking child.

▪ Frieda’s mother was a plump, cheerful woman, quick with a laugh.

▪ He’s a little on the plump side, but nevertheless quite handsome.

▷ chubby /ˈtʃʌbi/ [adjective]

someone, especially a small child, who is chubby, is fat in a pleasant, healthy-looking way :

▪ The baby was pink and chubby.

▪ Who’s that chubby little girl with the dark hair?

▷ portly /ˈpɔːʳtli/ [adjective]

someone, especially a fairly old man, who is portly is fat and round - used especially in literature :

▪ The bishop was a dignified, portly man, with thinning white hair.

▪ the portly figure of General von Hindenburg

▷ hefty /ˈhefti/ [adjective]

big and fat, but also tall and strong :

▪ Both of Myra’s sons were hefty, energetic boys.

▪ The mechanic was a big hefty man who could lift up the front of a truck with his bare hands.

▷ beefy /ˈbiːfi/ [adjective]

strong but also a little fat and unattractive :

▪ The second prisoner was a fat-faced beefy fellow who smelled of sweat.

▪ Amanda and Tina were both beefy, sporty types.

▷ burly /ˈbɜːʳli/ [adjective]

a burly man is big, strong, and heavy, in a way that may make you feel nervous :

▪ The farmer was a big, burly man with a red face.

▷ fatty/fatso spoken informal also lard ass American spoken /ˈfæti, ˈfætsəʊ, ˈlɑːʳd æs/ [countable noun]

a rude word used for a fat person :

▪ Hey! Fatso! Pull up a couple of chairs!

2. extremely fat

▷ obese /əʊˈbiːs/ [adjective]

extremely fat in a way that is dangerous to your health :

▪ Glenda is not just fat, she’s obese.

▪ a special summer camp for obese children and teens

clinically obese

obese according to medical measurements

▪ He may not be clinically obese, but he certainly needs to lose a lot of weight.

▷ obesity /əʊˈbiːsɪti, əʊˈbiːsəti/ [uncountable noun]

the condition of being too fat in a way that is dangerous to your health - used especially in medical contexts :

▪ Obesity can lead to heart disorders and other health problems.

▪ The program is aimed at reducing obesity among women.

3. fat and not very tall

▷ dumpy /ˈdʌmpi/ [adjective]

someone, especially a woman or child, who is dumpy, is short and fat :

▪ Clara was a plain, dumpy woman, several years older than her husband.

▪ In his youth, William had been a dumpy little boy who ate too many sweets.

▪ I think this skirt makes me look dumpy.

▷ tubby /ˈtʌbi/ [adjective]

someone who is tubby is short and has a fat, round stomach :

▪ The banker was a tubby, jolly-looking man.

▪ He’s getting a bit tubby -- too much of his wife’s cooking I expect.

▷ stout /staʊt/ [adjective]

someone, especially a middle-aged person, who is stout is short and fat :

▪ A stout woman in a tweed coat was standing outside the door.

▪ Amy was now stout and matronly, the mother of three children.

4. a part of the body that is fat

▷ fat /fæt/ [adjective]

▪ Sally hates going swimming -- she thinks her legs are too fat.

▪ The colonel rubbed his fat stomach, reaching for something from the table to put into his mouth.

▪ My stomach’s much fatter than yours.

▷ plump /plʌmp/ [adjective]

pleasantly fat :

▪ The doctor’s wife had a plump face and a small mouth.

▪ Paula had silver bracelets on her plump arms.

▷ chubby /ˈtʃʌbi/ [adjective]

fat and round in an attractive way :

▪ The baby reached out with its chubby little fingers.

▪ Mark’s cheeks were slightly chubby.

▷ podgy/pudgy /ˈpɒdʒiǁˈpɑː-, ˈpʌdʒi/ [adjective]

small and fat, especially in an amusing way :

▪ His pudgy little fingers were covered in chocolate.

▪ Elsie had a large body and a podgy face.

▷ flabby /ˈflæbi/ [adjective]

covered in soft loose fat in a way that looks unattractive :

▪ Her body was getting old and flabby.

▪ John’s flabby white thighs wobbled as he walked across the beach.

▷ full /fʊl/ [adjective usually before noun]

fat and round in an attractive way :

▪ Joanna’s full red lips were fixed in an inviting smile.

▪ A black necklace hung down over her full breasts.

5. a fat stomach

▷ paunch /pɔːntʃ/ [countable noun]

a man who has a paunch has a large stomach :

▪ You’re getting a paunch, did you know that?

▪ Merv lay back in his chair with his hands crossed above his paunch, listening to the radio.

▪ Wally crossed the mirrored lobby, sucking in his paunch as he caught sight of himself.

▷ pot belly /ˈpɒt ˌbeliǁˈpɑːt-/ [countable noun]

a round stomach that sticks out at the front, especially when this is the result of eating or drinking too much :

▪ Larry was just a regular guy: short, with a pot belly and moustache.

▪ You really should do something about that pot belly of yours.

pot-bellied [adjective]

▪ Our history teacher was a balding, pot-bellied man of about 50.

▪ pot-bellied politicians, puffing cigars

▷ beer gut /ˈbɪəʳ ˌgʌt/ [countable noun] informal

a fat stomach caused by drinking too much beer :

▪ His beer gut was popping the buttons on his shirt.

▪ At only seventeen, Lonny already had the beginnings of a beer gut.

▷ spare tyre /ˌspeəʳ ˈtaɪəʳ/ [countable noun] British informal

a ring of fat around the waist :

▪ You should go on a diet -- look at that spare tyre!

▷ middle-age spread /ˌmɪdl eɪdʒ ˈspred/ [noun phrase]

the fat around the waist that people gradually get as they grow older :

▪ A lot of people start to get middle-age spread once they pass 30.

6. to become fatter

▷ put on weight /ˌpʊt ɒn ˈweɪt/ [verb phrase]

to get fatter and heavier :

▪ John’s put on a lot of weight recently, hasn’t he?

put on 5 kilos/2 lbs etc

▪ I put on several pounds while I was on holiday, so now I’m on a strict diet.

▷ gain weight /ˌgeɪn ˈweɪt/ [verb phrase]

to become fatter and heavier, especially until you reach the weight you should be :

▪ When I was young, I could eat all I wanted without gaining weight.

gain 2 kilos/4 lbs etc

▪ Ben’s gained at least five kilos since he was born.

▷ fill out /ˌfɪl ˈaʊt/ [intransitive phrasal verb]

to start getting fatter after being too thin :

▪ Gerry was terribly thin when he came out of hospital, but he’s filled out a lot since then.

▪ Sue looks much healthier now and her face has started to fill out.

7. to make someone fat

▷ fatten somebody up /ˌfætn somebody ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to make someone fatter because they are too thin - often used humorously :

▪ The women in his family were always trying to fatten him up.

▷ fattening /ˈfætnɪŋ/ [adjective]

food that is fattening makes you fat :

▪ I shouldn’t have any more of this cake. It’s way too fattening.

▪ Grill the fish instead of frying it. It’s less fattening that way.

▪ Avoid fattening desserts -- eat a piece of fruit instead.

8. to make an animal fatter

▷ fatten up /ˌfætn ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to make an animal fatter so that it will produce more meat :

fatten up something/fatten something up

▪ The farmers are fattening up their cattle and getting them ready for market.

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