Meaning of FAT in English

/ fæt; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective ( fat·ter , fat·test )


( of a person's or an animal's body ) having too much flesh on it and weighing too much :

a big fat man / woman

You'll get fat if you eat so much chocolate.

He grew fatter and fatter.

fat flabby legs

OPP thin


thick or wide :

a fat volume on American history


[ only before noun ] ( informal ) large in quantity; worth a lot of money :

a fat sum / profit

He gave me a nice fat cheque.

►  fat·ness noun [ U ]:

Fatness tends to run in families.


- (a) fat chance (of sth / doing sth)

- a fat lot of good, use, etc.

- it's not over until the fat lady sings

■ noun


[ U ] a white or yellow substance in the bodies of animals and humans, stored under the skin :

excess body fat

This ham has too much fat on it.


[ C , U ] a solid or liquid substance from animals or plants, treated so that it becomes pure for use in cooking :

Cook the meat in shallow fat.


[ C , U ] animal and vegetable fats, when you are thinking of them as part of what a person eats :

You should cut down on fats and carbohydrates.

foods which are low in fat

reduced-fat margarines


see chew verb , live (I)



saying that someone is fat

Fat is the most common and direct word, but it is not polite to say to someone that they are fat:

Does this dress make me look fat?

• You're looking fat now.

Overweight is a more neutral word:

I'm a bit overweight.

It can also mean too fat, especially so that you are not fit.

Large or heavy is less offensive than fat :

She's a rather large woman.

Big describes someone who is tall as well as fat:

Her sister is a big girl, isn't she?

Plump means slightly fat in an attractive way, often used to describe women.

Chubby is used mainly to describe babies and children who are fat in a pleasant, healthy-looking way:

the baby's chubby cheeks.

Tubby ( informal ) is used in a friendly way to describe people who are short and round, especially around the stomach.

Stocky is a neutral word and means fairly short, broad and strong.

Stout is often used to describe older people who have a round and heavy appearance:

a short stout man with a bald head


Flabby describes flesh that is fat and loose and it can sound offensive:

exercises to firm up flabby thighs.

Obese is used by doctors to describe people who are so fat that they are unhealthy. It is also used in a general way to mean 'really fat'.

Note that although people talk a lot about their own size or weight, it is generally not considered polite to refer to a person's large size or their weight when you talk to them.

· note at thin



fat adjective

fatty adjective

fatten verb

fattening adjective



Old English fǣtt well fed, plump , also fatty, oily , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vet and German feist .

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