Meaning of PULL in English

n. 25B6; verb

he pulled the box towards him : TUG, haul, drag, draw, tow, heave, lug, jerk, wrench; informal yank.

he pulled the bad tooth out : EXTRACT, take out, remove.

she pulled a muscle : STRAIN, sprain, wrench, turn, rick, tear; damage.

race day pulled big crowds : ATTRACT, draw, bring in, pull in, lure, seduce, entice, tempt, beckon, interest, fascinate.

push, repel.

25B6; noun

give the chain a pull : TUG, jerk, heave; informal yank.

she took a pull on her beer : GULP, draught, drink, swallow, mouthful, slug; informal swill, swig.

a pull on a cigarette : PUFF; informal drag.

she felt the pull of the sea : ATTRACTION, draw, lure, allurement, enticement, magnetism, temptation, fascination, appeal.

he has a lot of pull in finance : INFLUENCE, sway, power, authority, say, prestige, standing, weight, leverage, muscle, teeth; informal clout.

25A0; pull something apart DISMANTLE, disassemble, take/pull to pieces, take/pull to bits, take apart, strip down; demolish, destroy, break up.

25A0; pull back WITHDRAW, retreat, fall back, back off; pull out, retire, disengage; flee, turn tail.

25A0; pull something down DEMOLISH, knock down, tear down, dismantle, raze (to the ground), level, flatten, bulldoze, destroy.

25A0; pull in STOP, halt, come to a halt, pull over, pull up, draw up, brake, park.

25A0; pull someone/something in

they pulled in big audiences. : See pull verb sense 4.

(informal) the police pulled him in : ARREST, apprehend, detain, take into custody, seize, capture, catch; informal collar, nab, nick, pinch, run in, bust, feel someone's collar.

25A0; pull someone's leg TEASE, fool, play a trick on, rag, pull the wool over someone's eyes; informal kid, rib, lead up the garden path, take for a ride; Brit. informal wind up, have on.

25A0; pull something off ACHIEVE, fulfil, succeed in, accomplish, bring off, carry off, perform, discharge, complete, clinch, fix, effect, engineer.

25A0; pull out WITHDRAW, resign, leave, retire, step down, bow out, back out, give up; informal quit.

25A0; pull through GET BETTER, get well again, improve, recover, rally, come through, recuperate.

25A0; pull something to pieces

don't pull my radio to pieces. : See pull something apart .

they pulled the plan to pieces : CRITICIZE, attack, censure, condemn, find fault with, pillory, maul, savage; informal knock, slam, pan, bash, crucify, lay into, roast; Brit. informal slate, rubbish, slag off.

25A0; pull oneself together REGAIN ONE'S COMPOSURE, recover, get a grip on oneself, get over it; informal snap out of it, get one's act together, buck up.

25A0; pull up . See pull in .

25A0; pull someone up REPRIMAND, rebuke, scold, chide, chastise, upbraid, berate, reprove, reproach, censure, take to task, admonish, lecture, read someone the Riot Act, haul over the coals; informal tell off, bawl out, dress down, give someone hell, give someone an earful; Brit. informal tick off, carpet, give someone a rollicking; N. Amer. informal chew out; Austral. informal monster; formal castigate.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.