Meaning of PULL in English


1. to pull something with your hands

2. to pull something suddenly

3. to pull something heavy





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1. to pull something with your hands

▷ pull /pʊl/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to hold something and make it move towards you by moving your arms :

▪ You need to pull this lever to start the machine.

pull something up/towards/away etc

▪ He pulled her towards him and kissed her.

▪ Pull the chair nearer to the fire.

pull hard

pull using a lot of effort

▪ Everyone took hold of the rope and pulled hard.

pull [countable noun]

give something a pull

▪ She gave a gentle pull on the reins, and the horse stopped.

▪ That door sticks a bit - give it a good pull.

▷ tug /tʌg/ [transitive verb]

to pull something using one or more short quick movements :

▪ The little girl was tugging her mother’s sleeve, trying to get her attention.

tug at

▪ We tugged at the door but it still wouldn’t open.

tug [countable noun]

give something a tug

▪ Tony gave Simon’s T-shirt a tug, and they both left the room.

▷ draw /drɔː/ [transitive verb]

to pull someone or something slowly and smoothly in a particular direction :

draw something in/up/back/near etc

▪ She took my hand and drew me closer.

▪ He wound in the line, steadily drawing the fish towards the bank.

▪ Paula drew back the sheet and looked at the sleeping child.

draw the curtains/drapes

pull them so that they cover the windows

▪ It was getting dark so I drew the curtains and switched on the light.

2. to pull something suddenly

▷ jerk /dʒɜːʳk/ [transitive verb]

to pull something with a sudden quick movement :

▪ He jerked the string and the light came on.

jerk something away/back/down etc

▪ Isabel jerked her hand away from his and shoved it in her pocket.

jerk [countable noun]

▪ She pulled the dog back with a sharp jerk of his leash.

▷ yank /jæŋk/ [transitive verb]

to pull something or someone with one sudden, quick and forceful movement, especially out of somewhere or away from something :

▪ The other girls surrounded her, calling her names and yanking her hair.

▪ Buddy yanked the drawer open, and took out the gun.

yank something away/out/back etc

▪ His friends grabbed him and yanked him to his feet.

▪ The child’s mother caught him just in time, and yanked him away from the kerb.

yank [countable noun]

▪ I gave the lever a yank, and the machine started up.

3. to pull something heavy

▷ pull /pʊl/ [transitive verb]

to make a vehicle or piece of machinery move along behind - use this especially about animals or heavy vehicles that are attached to something they are pulling :

▪ The Queen’s carriage was pulled by two white horses.

▪ a tractor pulling a plough

▷ drag /dræg/ [transitive verb]

to pull something or someone along the ground, especially because they are too heavy to carry :

drag something along/over/away etc

▪ One of the firemen went back in and dragged my husband out through the flames.

▪ Pick up your chairs, children. Don’t drag them along the floor.

▷ haul /hɔːl/ [transitive verb]

to pull something heavy with a strong continuous movement, often using a rope :

haul something along/out/away etc

▪ Somehow we managed to haul the boat out of the water and onto the bank.

haul in a net/rope

pull it towards you

▪ At about five o'clock the beach was full of activity, with the fishermen hauling in their nets.

▷ tow /təʊ/ [transitive verb]

if a vehicle or boat tows something, it pulls it behind it :

▪ What’s the speed limit for cars towing trailers?

tow something to/from/along etc

▪ The damaged ship was towed to the nearest port.

tow something away

tow a vehicle to a place where it can be repaired, or where it is not causing a problem

▪ The police had towed his car away because it was blocking the road.

▷ heave /hiːv/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to pull something very heavy with one great effort :

▪ Everyone pull together now. Are you ready? Heave!

heave something onto/into/over etc

▪ Rod bent down and heaved the sack onto his shoulder.

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