Meaning of DISPLAY STANDARD in English

< hardware > IBM and others have introduced a bewildering plethora of graphics and text display standards for IBM PCs . The standards are mostly implemented by plugging in a video display board (or " graphics adaptor ") and connecting the appropriate monitor to it. Each new standard subsumes its predecessors. For example, an EGA board can also do CGA and MDA .

With the PS/2 , IBM introduced the VGA standard and built it into the main system board motherboard . VGA is also available as a plug-in board for PCs from third-party vendors. Also with the PS/2, IBM introduced the 8514 high-resolution graphics standard. An 8514 adaptor board plugs into the PS/2, providing a dual-monitor capability.

Graphics software has to support the major IBM graphics standards and many non-IBM, proprietary standards for high-resolution displays. Either software vendors provide display drivers , or display vendors provide drivers for the software package. In either case, switching software or switching display systems is fraught with compatibility problems.

Display Resolution Colours Sponsor Systems

MDA 720x350 T 2 IBM PC CGA 320x200 4 IBM PC EGA 640x350 16 IBM PC PGA 640x480 256 IBM PC

Hercules 729x348 2 non-IBM PC

MCGA 720x400 T 320x200 G 256 PS/2

VGA 720x400 T 640x480 G 16

SVGA 800x600 16 VESA

XVGA 1024x768 256 (IBM name: 8514)

T: text, G: graphics.

More colours are available from third-party vendors for some display types.

See also MDA , CGA , EGA , PGA , Hercules , MCGA , VGA , SVGA , 8514 , VESA .

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