Meaning of PRESENT in English

adj. & n. --adj. 1 (usu. predic.) being in the place in question (was present at the trial). 2 a now existing, occurring, or being such (the present Duke; during the present season). b now being considered or discussed etc. (in the present case). 3 Gram. expressing an action etc. now going on or habitually performed (present participle; present tense). --n. (prec. by the) 1 the time now passing (no time like the present). 2 Gram. the present tense. øat present now. by these presents Law by this document (know all men by these presents). for the present 1 just now. 2 as far as the present is concerned. present company excepted excluding those who are here now. present-day adj. of this time; modern. [ME f. OF f. L praesens -entis part. of praeesse be at hand (as PRAE-, esse be)]

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