Meaning of PRESENT in English

n. 1 gift May I open my birthday presents now? 2 donation, offering, bounty, grant, largesse, contribution, endowment I'll make you a present of the painting if you like it 3 tip, gratuity, pourboire, baksheesh or backsheesh, bonus; alms, hand-out, dole, aid, allowance She gave the maŒtre d'h“tel a present for looking after us so well

v. 4 introduce, acquaint with, make known I'd like to present my wife, Cordelia, who has been looking forward to meeting you 5 offer, give, stage, show, exhibit, put on (show), mount, produce The local players will present a new production of Blithe Spirit tonight 6 give (out), award, confer (on), bestow (on), turn or hand over, grant, provide, furnish; dispense, distribute, dole out, pass out, deal out, mete out They presented her with a prize for the best poem Is it tonight that they present the awards? 7 offer, bring (in or up), proffer, tender, introduce, produce, submit, set or put forth, put forward, adduce; register, file, record The lawyer for the defence presented evidence of his client's alibi 8 introduce, announce, Brit compère, Colloq emcee: And here, to present our show, is the inimitable Reginald Norton!

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