Meaning of PRESENT in English

1. adj. & n.


1. (usu. predic.) being in the place in question (was present at the trial).

2 a now existing, occurring, or being such (the present Duke; during the present season). b now being considered or discussed etc. (in the present case).

3 Gram. expressing an action etc. now going on or habitually performed (present participle; present tense).

--n. (prec. by the)

1. the time now passing (no time like the present).

2 Gram. the present tense.

Phrases and idioms:

at present now. by these presents Law by this document (know all men by these presents). for the present

1. just now.

2 as far as the present is concerned. present company excepted excluding those who are here now. present-day adj. of this time; modern.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L praesens -entis part. of praeesse be at hand (as PRAE-, esse be) 2. v. & n.

1. introduce, offer, or exhibit, esp. for public attention or consideration.

2 a (with a thing as object, foll. by to) offer or give as a gift (to a person), esp. formally or ceremonially. b (with a person as object, foll. by with) make available to; cause to have (presented them with a new car; that presents us with a problem).

3 a (of a company, producer, etc.) put (a form of entertainment) before the public. b (of a performer, comp{egrave}re, etc.) introduce or put before an audience .

4 introduce (a person) formally (may I present my fianc{eacute}?; was presented at court).

5 offer, give (compliments etc.) (may I present my card; present my regards to your family).

6 a (of a circumstance) reveal (some quality etc.) (this presents some difficulty). b exhibit (an appearance etc.) (presented a rough exterior).

7 (of an idea etc.) offer or suggest itself.

8 deliver (a cheque, bill, etc.) for acceptance or payment.

9 a (usu. foll. by at) aim (a weapon). b hold out (a weapon) in a position for aiming.

10 (refl. or absol.) Med. (of a patient or illness etc.) come forward for or undergo initial medical examination.

11 (absol.) Med. (of a part of a foetus) be directed toward the cervix at the time of delivery.

12 (foll. by to) Law bring formally under notice, submit (an offence, complaint, etc.).

13 (foll. by to) Eccl. recommend (a clergyman) to a bishop for institution to a benefice.

--n. the position of presenting arms in salute.

Phrases and idioms:

present arms hold a rifle etc. vertically in front of the body as a salute. present oneself

1. appear.

2 come forward for examination etc.


presenter n. (in sense 3 of v.).

Etymology: ME f. OF presenter f. L praesentare (as PRESENT(1)) 3. n. a gift; a thing given or presented.

Phrases and idioms:

make a present of give as a gift.

Etymology: ME f. OF (as PRESENT(1)), orig. in phr. mettre une chose en present {agrave} quelqu'un put a thing into the presence of a person

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