Meaning of PRESENT in English

[pres.ent] n [ME, fr. OF, fr. presenter] (13c): something presented: gift

[2]pre.sent vb [ME, fr. OF presenter, fr. L praesentare, fr. praesent-, praesens, adj.] vt (14c) 1 a (1): to bring or introduce into the presence of someone esp. of superior rank or status (2): to introduce socially b: to bring (as a play) before the public

2: to make a gift to

3: to give or bestow formally

4. a: to lay (as a charge) before a court as an object of inquiry b: to bring a formal public charge, indictment, or presentment against

5: to nominate to a benefice

6. a: to offer to view: show b: to bring to one's attention "this ~s a problem" 7: to act the part of: perform 8: to aim, point, or direct (as a weapon) so as to face something or in a particular direction ~ vi 1: to present a weapon

2: to become manifest

3: to come forward as a patient

4: to make a presentation syn see give -- n [3]pres.ent adj [ME, fr. OF, fr. L praesent-, praesens, fr. prp. of praeesse to be before one, fr. prae- pre- + esse to be--more at is] (14c) 1: now existing or in progress

2. a: being in view or at hand b: existing in something mentioned or under consideration

3: constituting the one actually involved, at hand, or being considered

4: of, relating to, or constituting a verb tense that is expressive of present time or the time of speaking

5. obs: attentive

6. archaic: instant, immediate -- pres.ent.ness n [4]pres.ent n (14c) 1 a obs: present occasion or affair b pl: the present words or statements; specif: the legal instrument or other writing in which these words are used

2. a: the present tense of a language b: a verb form in the present tense

3: the present time -- at present : at or during this time: now

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