Meaning of PRESENT in English

adj. 1 current, contemporary, present-day, existing, existent, up to date, Colloq now Do you understand the present generation? 2 nearby, nearest, immediate, closest, adjacent, proximate, propinquitous; close, remaining; accounted for Everybody has been awful to me - present company excepted All those present heard what she said to me.

n. 3 at present. (right or just) now, for the time being, for the present, today, these days, Non-Standard presently, Colloq at this point in time I am not ready to invest at present 4 the present. the time being, the moment, the hour, the nonce, this juncture, these days, our times; today, (right) now, nowadays; Colloq this point in time She lives for the present, and never thinks of the consequences

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