Meaning of FOLD in English



1. to fold something

2. a piece of furniture or equipment that can be folded

3. the straight line where something has been folded

4. when something gets folds in it

5. to open something that is folded


1. to fold something

▷ fold /fəʊld/ [transitive verb]

to bend a piece of paper or cloth, so that one part of it covers another :

▪ He folded his newspaper and handed it to me.

▪ Before getting into bed, I usually fold my clothes and put them on the chair.

fold something in two/in half

across the middle

▪ Tom folded the letter in half and stuck it in his pocket.

fold something into a square/triangle etc

so that it has the shape of a square or triangle

▪ The napkins were folded into neat triangles.

folded [adjective only before noun]

▪ a pile of folded towels

▷ fold up /ˌfəʊld ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to fold something, usually several times, in order to make it into a smaller or neater shape :

fold up something

▪ Rachel folded up the ironing board and put it in the closet.

fold something up

▪ Don’t just leave your clothes on the floor like that - fold them up.

▷ turn down /ˌtɜːʳn ˈdaʊn/ [transitive phrasal verb]

turn down a sheet/blanket/collar etc

fold it back so that the top or corner of it is pressed down :

turn down something

▪ I turned down a corner of the page I was reading and shut the book.

▪ The maid always turns down the bedclothes and places a mint on the pillow.

turn something/it/them down

▪ Button up your jacket and turn the collar down.

2. a piece of furniture or equipment that can be folded

▷ folding/collapsible /ˈfəʊldɪŋ, kəˈlæpsə̇b ə l/ [adjective only before noun]

a folding or collapsible bed, chair, bicycle etc is one that is specially designed so that it can be folded up and easily carried or stored :

▪ You’ll have to sleep on a folding bed in the living room.

▪ By the window stood a large collapsible table with drawings and pencils all over it.

▷ fold/fold up /fəʊld, ˌfəʊld ˈʌp/ [intransitive verb not in progressive/intransitive phrasal verb not in progressive]

able to be folded :

▪ My umbrella folds up and fits into my handbag.

▪ I want a push chair that folds easily and weighs very little.

fold up into something

fold into the shape of something else

▪ This portable bath folds up into a carrying case that is perfect for storing baby clothes.

3. the straight line where something has been folded

▷ fold /fəʊld/ [countable noun]

a straight line where something, especially paper or cloth, has been folded :

▪ Cut the paper along the fold.

▪ She lay there in the narrow bed, her chin resting on the fold of the sheet.

▷ crease /kriːs/ [countable noun]

a straight fold made carefully, especially in clothing :

▪ I folded the paper back into its original creases and put it into the drawer.

sharp crease

▪ The defendant wore a blue blazer, a white shirt, and gray pants with a sharp crease.

4. when something gets folds in it

▷ crease /kriːs/ [intransitive verb]

if clothes crease, they get unwanted folds or lines in them when you leave them somewhere, or when you wear them :

▪ These trousers will crease if you don’t hang them up properly.

▪ Linen is a beautiful fabric but it creases very easily and needs to be pressed regularly.

▷ creased /kriːst/ [adjective]

clothes that are creased have unwanted folds or lines in them because you have left them somewhere or been wearing them :

▪ His shirt was creased at the back where he had been lying down on it.

▪ Professor Haines finally showed up wearing a badly creased suit with stains on the front.

get creased

▪ Don’t put your shirts in there - they’ll get creased.

▷ crumpled /ˈkrʌmp ə ld/ [adjective usually before noun]

if papers or clothes are crumpled, they have a lot of unwanted lines and folds, and look old and untidy :

▪ She reached into her pocket and handed the clerk a crumpled ten-dollar bill.

▪ I spent the night under a bridge, using a crumpled blanket as a bed.

5. to open something that is folded

▷ unfold /ʌnˈfəʊld/ [transitive verb]

▪ He took out his handkerchief, unfolded it, and blew his nose.

▪ Eileen struggled to unfold a large map.

▪ ‘I must lay the table,’ she said, unfolding a clean white linen tablecloth.

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