Meaning of FOLD in English


I. verb


a folding chair (= one which you can fold so it is flat )

People were sitting on blankets or folding chairs, listening to the outdoor concert.

fold its wings

Gannets fold their wings and plummet like an arrow into the sea to catch their prey.

fold the laundry (= fold clothes after they have been washed and dried )

He was folding the laundry and watching TV.

fold your hands (= put your hands together and rest them on something )

Lily folded both hands on her stomach.

fold/cross your arms (= bend both arms in front of your body )

He folded his arms across his chest and waited.




Carefully fold in the remaining sugar and cocoa.

Without a word he sprung to his feet and handed Mitchell a note, folded carefully into quarters.

On the side of the bed away from the window was Lily's new silk nightdress, folded carefully by the chambermaid.

We put all the suitcases on the bed and fill them methodically with stack after stack of carefully folded clothing.

Pulling a little face, she carefully folded the tea-towel she'd been using and laid it on the work surface.

Anyway, in order to close the suitcase, we end up mashing down all our carefully folded stacks of clothes.

He went into the sacristy, removed his alb and carefully folded his violet stole.

Louis carefully folded his handkerchief into a square and laid it on the deck beside his chair.


It was a single sheet that had been folded neatly into four.

Quilts were neatly folded inside a closet.

The maroon dress was neatly folded , and the coral necklace carefully pinned to the bodice with a large safety pin.

Their umbrellas are neatly folded shut and placed in the stand at the entrance, the handles all facing the same direction.

Two nice new fivers every time, folded neatly , given like a present.

I removed my shirt and neatly folded it beside me.

The sheets and blankets were neatly folded on the mattress, the drawers were open, and the cupboard door hung ajar.

Painted-over windows, freshly laundered towels neatly folded , and a paper mat outside the tiny shower highlight the bathroom.



An armed guard stood there in the doorway, head bowed, a clean silk pau folded over one arm.

The woman folded her arms and became silent in a way that swept Lois with feelings of admiration.

Mr Bumble put down his hat, unbuttoned his coat, folded his arms , and sat back in his chair.

He saw four of them, standing with folded arms , looking up at the ship.

But the moment passed and the Robemaker had folded his arms , the deep sleeves hanging down.

He got the feeling that she folded her arms not to hide herself but as a natural aid to thinking.

Ruthie folded her arms , as if to emphasize her lack of responsibility for the shop she was minding.

Tom folded his arms , put a pleasant expression on his face, and did not try to talk any more.


The attendants folded the clothes and exchanged them for a token, before placing them upon tiers of racks.

She finds a paper shopping bag and folds some clothes into it.

She did not insist on folding all her clothes , but used the closet too.

Anyway, in order to close the suitcase, we end up mashing down all our carefully folded stacks of clothes .

And the folded stacks of clothes need to wait to be put away.

She folded her clothes carefully and put them on the chair by the television.

We undress in a small anteroom and fold our clothes neatly into baskets on the shelves.


She had been found lying on her back, hands folded , naked.

At their services they sat quietly, eyes lowered and hands folded , waiting for the Spirit to prompt some one to speak.

Nadine was standing by the kitchen table, her hands folded in front of her.

He was dressed in radiant white vestments and his hands were folded on his chest.

His hands are gently folded over it as if it were just a bag of laundry on his lap.

I kept my hands folded on my desk.

Both his hands were folded on the handle of the stick.

Her wispy gray hair was loose, hanging down her back like cobwebs, and her hands were folded in her lap.


My legs folded , both knees hit the ground, and I scrambled, in a rage, back on to the wheelbarrow.

His legs were broken and folded , permanently, into his groin.

I climbed out and my legs began folding under me.

The legs fold out independently, of course.

He stood gazing off into vistas, legs apart, arms folded across his chest and thought deep thoughts.

On bed seventeen there was a man lying on his back with his legs folded up at his knees.


Tom folded the letter and stuck it into his jacket pocket.

Converse folded the letter and looked at his watch.

I folded up the letter and put it in my photograph album.

I addressed the three envelopes, folded the letters , and slipped the sheets inside.

Her hands trembled, and it was some while before she got the folded letter out of the envelope.


A busboy kills time by folding napkins .

He slips a folded napkin into the bag.

She folded her napkin , put it carefully through the ring and then left it by her place.

He wore a folded napkin on his head like a baby bonnet.

He folded the napkin on his lap.


The housekeeper folded the newspaper and continued to clean brasses.

She folded the newspaper roughly, thrust it into her bag and walked zombie-like into the Metro.


Take away a sheet of paper or fold one in half each time to make the game more difficult.

Union officials said they had no idea how many jobs could be lost if one of the papers folded .

Photocopied on to cream A4 laid paper , folded once in both directions.

The rooms themselves were like those dusty red paper Christmas bells, folds within folds.

Photocopied on to a heavy red A4 sheet of paper and folded in both directions.

She finds a paper shopping bag and folds some clothes into it.

He closed it a few months after Maxwell's paper folded - with a circulation of only about 100,000.

Mr Grange has taken down the drooping snowflakes and is cutting bunnies out of freezer paper folded accordion style.


I loved helping her fold sheets .

Captain Shaker folded the roster sheet and put it under his arm and awaited inspection.

I helped him fold his sheets .

There, I thought, hastily folding the sheet of paper and placing it in the envelope.

She folded her jumpers around sheets of tissue paper after ironing so that they wouldn't crease on the shelf.

She folded one sheet into a square, then another.

Having done so he folded the sheet of paper again, replaced it in his pocket and made to leave.

They helped her straighten the covers in the morning, and folded back the white sheet with celestial zest.


Fold up your clothes, don't just throw them on the floor!

Before getting into bed, I usually fold my clothes and put them on the chair.

Doug folded the check and put it in his wallet.

He folded his newspaper and handed it to me.

Most of the companies dependent on the steel works folded within weeks.

One of the most important newspapers in the region has folded.

The blankets were folded at the bottom of the bed.

The chairs fold flat for easy storage.

The napkins were folded into neat triangles.

Tom folded the letter in half and stuck it in his pocket.


He folded it into its white envelope.

His thin companion folded his limbs like an insect as he sat down.

The decision to keep it at 23 means fewer fixtures, less money and a greater likelihood of further clubs folding.

The young man left the stage and the curtains folded together.

Then fold the dough over the filling, pinching the two sides together until you have a half-moon dumpling.

II. noun




Bunched cloths also tend to leave loose folds trailing which cause smearing.

Why leave the family fold , when employee stock purchases plus earnings are enough to keep the company growing?


When the offending Arminian left he returned to the fold .

She will return to the fold which has enveloped her with love and support during her difficult marriage.

Next year, H.R. and Earl once again returned to the fold and restored the original line-up.

Day returned to the fold the following day.


Camels have an extra fold of skin on their eyelids to keep out the sand.

Cut the paper along the fold .

He hid the knife in the folds of his robe.

She lay there in the narrow bed, her chin resting on the fold of the sheet.


A little fold of the veil can be drawn aside to disclose his mood at that time.

An arm-chair had been pushed to the side; it had pulled a fold in the carpet.

But if past success is any guide, another Nasdaq company will join the fold before long.

In addition to the ordinary vocal cords, the cat possesses a second pair of structures called vestibular folds, or false vocal cords.

Nuadu thought that a glitter of amusement showed from within the folds of the hood.

She opened the note in her hand, sighing with great impatience at its folds.

She with his quick sketch of her as Madonna ascending in folds upon modest folds of garments.

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