Meaning of FOLD in English


/ fəʊld; NAmE foʊld/ verb , noun

■ verb


[ vn ] fold sth (up) | fold sth (back, down, over, etc.) to bend sth, especially paper or cloth, so that one part lies on top of another part :

He folded the map up and put it in his pocket.

First, fold the paper in half / in two .

The blankets had been folded down.

a pile of neatly folded clothes

The bird folded its wings.

OPP unfold

—see also fold-up


fold (sth)(away / down) to bend sth so that it becomes smaller or flatter and can be stored or carried more easily; to bend or be able to bend in this way :

[ vn ]

The bed can be folded away during the day.

[ v ]

The table folds up when not in use.

( figurative )

When she heard the news, her legs just folded under her (= she fell) .

[ v - adj ]

The ironing board folds flat for easy storage.


[ vn ] fold A in B | fold B round / over A to wrap sth around sb/sth :

She gently folded the baby in a blanket.

She folded a blanket around the baby.


[ v ] ( of a company, a play, etc. ) to close because it is not successful


- fold sb in your arms


- fold your arms

- fold your hands


- fold sth in | fold sth into sth

■ noun


[ C ] a part of sth, especially cloth, that is folded or hangs as if it had been folded :

the folds of her dress

loose folds of skin


[ C ] a mark or line made by folding sth, or showing where sth should be folded


[ C ] an area in a field surrounded by a fence or wall where sheep are kept for safety


the fold [ sing. ] a group of people with whom you feel you belong or who share the same ideas or beliefs :

He called on former Republican voters to return to the fold.


[ C ] ( geology ) a curve or bend in the line of the layers of rock in the earth's crust


[ C ] ( BrE ) a hollow place among hills or mountains



verb and noun senses 1 to 2 noun senses 5 to 6 Old English falden , fealden , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vouwen and German falten .

noun senses 3 to 4 Old English fald , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vaalt .

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