Meaning of BLAZE in English


I. noun


a blaze of glory (= when someone or something is praised a lot )

The film opened in a blaze of glory with rave reviews from critics.

a blaze of publicity (= a lot of publicity )

His marriage broke up in a blaze of publicity.

a blazing/flaming row (= a very angry row )

She had a blazing row with Eddie and stormed out of the house.

a fire rages/blazes (= it burns strongly for a long time over a large area )

Fires were raging in the forest near Magleby.

bright/brilliant/blazing/dazzling sunshine

We stepped out of the plane into the bright sunshine of Corfu.

burning/blazing/smoking wreckage

He managed to crawl away from the burning wreckage.

eyes blazing with fury

Jo stepped forward, her eyes blazing with fury .

raging/blazing inferno

Within minutes, the house had become a raging inferno.

sb’s eyes are burning/smouldering/blazing with hate literary

Then he noticed the dark eyes, smouldering with hate.

tackle a blaze/fire (= try to stop it )

Fire crews tackling the blaze were hampered by exploding gas canisters.

the blazing/burning sun

Tourists trudge around in the blazing sun.

the sun beats down/blazes down (= shines with a lot of light and heat )

The sun beats down on us as we work.




It took more than an hour to control the blaze at the former Langham Hotel.

A second alarm was called at 10: 46, with firefighters controlling the blaze some 30 minutes later.


People reported seeing smoke from over 70 miles away and helicopters were used to help fight the blaze .

About 240 firefighters using helicopters, planes and ground equipment were fighting the blaze .

Two appliances from the the town's fire station raced to the scene to fight the blaze .

Nearly 80 firefighters, along with water-dropping helicopters, fought the blaze for three hours Sunday.


Firemen believe a new electrical appliance may have started the blaze .

Officials are still looking for whoever started the blaze .

Brophy said the man was not considered a suspect, but investigators hope he can shed light on what started the blaze .


Three appliances and a hydraulic platform tackled the blaze .

About 15 firefighters tackled the blaze in a silo at I'Anson's mill in Masham in the Dales.

Arson fear: Fire crews tackled the second blaze in three days in an empty house in Trent Street, Middlesbrough yesterday.

Firefighters spent three hours tackling the blaze , which spread through the roof and into an adjoining property in Pensby Road.

Later firemen tackling the blaze were in danger from exploding canisters of acetylene and propane.

House arson: Fire crews spent more than two hours tackling a severe blaze in an empty Middlesbrough house yesterday.


a cheerful blaze in the fireplace

Firefighters struggled to control the blaze .

Six fire fighters were injured battling the blaze .

The church was completely destroyed in the blaze .

The rabbit stopped, caught in the blaze of the car's headlights.


House fire: Firefighters were called to a house blaze in Sedgefield in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It looked like a blaze photographed with a filter that transformed everything into shades of the same colour.

Just like Windsor, the blaze happened during restoration work.

Officials are still looking for whoever started the blaze .

II. verb




I thought of fire blazing in the wards of Glengall.

Despite sweltering in the luxury of a fire blazing full on, she received a series of credits on her budget account.

A huge fire blazed outside on which we piled everything that could not be salvaged.

By the time Edward returned with a tray of beer-cans the fire was blazing with famished enthusiasm.

Ten minutes later, the fire is blazing and the room is warm.


She would have erupted from concealment, all guns blazing , and made the ultimate scene.

More shots rang out, and presidential security guards raced on to the stage from the wings, guns drawn, some blazing .

United came out all guns blazing ... Joey Beauchamp had enough chances to wrap the game up in the first half.

Naomi has moved in, with all guns blazing .

The guns were blazing away at them but they just kept coming.

Did he bank and dive, his finger on the button, his guns blazing from the wings?

But Presley's finest were now coming into their own with big guns blazing .

Ewood Park is a lucky ground for them and in the first half they went for Blackburn with all guns blazing .


But in a moment, the sun was blazing , the sky blue as cornflowers.

The sun blazed down on all of us: friends, family, servants and a cluster of barefoot neighborhood kids.

Well the sun is blazing down from the clear blue heavens.

The rainbow vanished, the sky turned blue-gray, and the sun blazed .

It rained on days when they needed sun and it blazed when Nichols wanted a rain sequence.

The sun was also blazing on to this cliff, and I was feeling distinctly battered.

The sun was blazing hot, the skin of my bare arm beginning to burn.

Soon the sun would blaze white and clear across the grey sea and splash it into colour.


New viral trails were blazed as a result of all these phenomena.


with all guns blazing

Ewood Park is a lucky ground for them and in the first half they went for Blackburn with all guns blazing.

Kasparov has won, but Karpov went down with all guns blazing to an honourable defeat.

Naomi has moved in, with all guns blazing.


A fire was blazing in the fireplace.

Lights blazed in every room in the house.

The midday sun blazed down on us.

The windows of the cathedral were blazing with coloured light.


It rained on days when they needed sun and it blazed when Nichols wanted a rain sequence.

Now it was blazing steadily, promising an out-of-control inferno, unless she came to her senses and stopped it.

Perhaps it was inevitable that an attraction should have blazed between them from the first.

Yet it was precisely conservatives such as the Mormons who had blazed paths to the voting booths fifty years before.

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