Meaning of BLAZE in English


vi to be resplendent.

2. blaze ·vi to blazon.

3. blaze ·noun a white spot on the forehead of a horse.

4. blaze ·vt to mark (a tree) by chipping off a piece of the bark.

5. blaze ·vi to shine with flame; to glow with flame; as, the fire blazes.

6. blaze ·vi to make public far and wide; to make known; to render conspicuous.

7. blaze ·vi to send forth or reflect glowing or brilliant light; to show a blaze.

8. blaze ·noun a bursting out, or active display of any quality; an outburst; a brilliant display.

9. blaze ·noun a spot made on trees by chipping off a piece of the bark, usually as a surveyor's mark.

10. blaze ·vt to designate by blazing; to mark out, as by blazed trees; as, to blaze a line or path.

11. blaze ·noun intense, direct light accompanied with heat; as, to seek shelter from the blaze of the sun.

12. blaze ·noun a stream of gas or vapor emitting light and heat in the process of combustion; a bright flame.

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