Meaning of BLAZE in English


1. n. & v.


1. a bright flame or fire.

2 a a bright glaring light; the sun set in a blaze of orange. b a full light (a blaze of publicity).

3 a violent outburst (of passion etc.) (a blaze of patriotic fervour).

4 a a glow of colour (roses were a blaze of scarlet). b a bright display (a blaze of glory).


1. burn with a bright flame.

2 be brilliantly lighted.

3 be consumed with anger, excitement, etc.

4 a show bright colours (blazing with jewels). b emit light (stars blazing).

Phrases and idioms:

blaze away (often foll. by at)

1. fire continuously with rifles etc.

2 work enthusiastically.

blaze up

1. burst into flame.

2 burst out in anger.

like blazes sl.

1. with great energy.

2 very fast. what the blazes! sl. what the hell!


blazingly adv.

Etymology: OE bl{aelig}se torch, f. Gmc: ult. rel. to BLAZE(2) 2. n. & v.


1. a white mark on an animal's face.

2 a mark made on a tree by slashing the bark esp. to mark a route. mark (a tree or a path) by chipping bark.

Phrases and idioms:

blaze a trail

1. mark out a path or route.

2 be the first to do, invent, or study something; pioneer.

Etymology: 17th c.: ult. rel. to BLAZE(1) 3. proclaim as with a trumpet.

Phrases and idioms:

blaze abroad spread (news) about.

Etymology: ME f. LG or Du. blazen blow, f. Gmc bl{aelig}san

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