Meaning of BLAZE in English


[blaze] n [ME blase, fr. OE blaese torch] (bef. 12c) 1 a: an intensely burning fire b: intense direct light often accompanied by heat "the ~ of TV lights" c: an active burning; esp: a sudden bursting forth of flame

2: something that resembles the blaze of a fire: as a: a dazzling display "a ~ of color" b: a sudden outburst "a ~ of fury" c pl: hell "go to ~s" "as hot as ~s"

[2]blaze vi blazed ; (13c) 1 a: to burn brightly "the sun blazed overhead" b: to flare up: flame "inflation blazed up"

2: to be conspicuously brilliant or resplendent "fields blazing with flowers"

3: to shoot rapidly and repeatedly--usu. used with away [3]blaze vt blazed ; [ME blasen, fr. MD blasen to blow; akin to OHG blast blast] (1541): to make public or conspicuous [4]blaze n [G Blas, fr. OHG plas; akin to OE blaese] (1639) 1 a: a usu. white stripe down the center of the face of an animal b: a white or gray streak in the hair of the head

2: a trail marker; esp: a mark made on a tree by chipping off a piece of the bark [5]blaze vt blazed ; (1750) 1: to mark (as a trail) with blazes

2: to lead in some direction or activity "~ new trails in education"

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