Meaning of BLAZE in English


blaze 1

/blayz/ , n. , v. , blazed, blazing .


1. a bright flame or fire: the welcome blaze of the hearth.

2. a bright, hot gleam or glow: the blaze of day.

3. a sparkling brightness: a blaze of jewels.

4. a sudden, intense outburst, as of fire, passion, or fury: to unleash a blaze of pent-up emotions; a blaze of glory.

5. blazes , Informal. hell: Go to blazes!


6. to burn brightly (sometimes fol. by away, up, forth ): The bonfire blazed away for hours. The dry wood blazed up at the touch of a match.

7. to shine like flame (sometimes fol. by forth ): Their faces blazed with enthusiasm.

8. to burn with intense feeling or passion (sometimes fol. by up ): He blazed up at the insult.

9. to shoot steadily or continuously (usually fol. by away ): The contestants blazed away at the clay pigeons.

10. to be brilliantly conspicuous.

[ bef. 1000; ME, OE blase torch, flame; c. MHG blas torch ]

Syn. 1. See flame .

blaze 2

/blayz/ , n. , v. , blazed, blazing .


1. a spot or mark made on a tree, as by painting or notching or by chipping away a piece of the bark, to indicate a trail or boundary.

2. a white area down the center of the face of a horse, cow, etc.


3. to mark with blazes: to blaze a trail.

4. to lead in forming or finding (a new method, course, etc.): His research in rocketry blazed the way for space travel.

[ 1655-65; akin to ON blesi, D bles, G Blässe white mark on a beast's face, and to G blass pale ]

blaze 3

/blayz/ , v.t., blazed, blazing .

1. to make known; proclaim; publish: Headlines blazed the shocking news.

2. Obs. to blow, as from a trumpet.

[ 1350-1400; ME blasen blasa to blow. See BLAST ]

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