Meaning of FILE in English

I. noun


batch file

an overnight batch file

be/be filed/be listed etc under

The baby’s records are filed under the mother’s last name.

circular file

file a grievance American English (= officially complain )

She filed a grievance after failing to get a promotion.

file a lawsuit (= to officially take a lawsuit to a court )

She filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment

file cabinet

file for divorce ( also petition for divorce formal ) (= start the legal divorce process )

The next day I saw a lawyer and filed for a divorce.

file sharing

file your nails

A girl was filing her nails on the bus.

filed a motion (= made a proposal in a court )

The attorneys filed a motion for a temporary restraining order.

filed alphabetically

Are the records filed alphabetically ?

filed suit

Johnson has filed suit against her.

file/lodge a complaint formal (= make a complaint )

She filed a complaint against several of her colleagues.

file/print server

All data is stored on a central file server.

filing cabinet

lodge/file/bring an appeal (= make an appeal )

Mr Sarhadi, who has lived here for three years, has lodged an appeal against extradition.

loose-leaf file/binder/format

nail file

rank and file

The rank and file of the party had lost confidence in the leadership.

single file

We walked in single file across the bridge.

zip file




Teams of horses in single file hauled trains of a dozen flat-topped wagons loaded with granite along these rails.

The jungle area we had to go into was so thick, the APCs could only travel single file .

Okay single file , we're coming to a wood.

The stairs are approached along a raised pavement so narrow the people must have walked along it in single file .

Men passed us, dark, bearded, stern, armed with sticks, walking swiftly in single file .

Then we are instructed to leave Damrosch Park single file .

A narrow spiral staircase leads up from chamber 2b to 2c; characters must ascend in single file .

Ambush patrols at night were always in single file , with no point or flank security.



In order to do this with the minimum access time, random access files are necessary.

This only becomes significant when calculating record sizes for random access files .

Because of this, it is difficult to tell which records of a random access file have had data written to them.

Check that the user access file used to set up the necessary logical name has been invoked.


Firstly - presuming you have a batch file to run Ability Plus - type in the batch filename.

This runs the batch file which will put you in the correct subdirectory and run the program.

It is triggered from a Windows Command Prompt, usually in the form of a batch file .

Of course, this batch file can be set in motion from within the database, if required.

You only need to enclose the parameters in the batch file in quotes where there are spaces in the parameter.

Finally, batch files are covered in detail explaining why we use these compact command files and what each batch command does.

You could run the applications concerned from shortcuts to batch files .


Set them aside in a file either on your computer or in your file cabinet .

It was small, furnished with two hard chairs, a metal file cabinet and a worktable with an ancient typewriter.

Lydia goes to the file cabinet and rummages in a folder.

There is a massive file cabinet stuffed with documents so old and densely packed they may be ready to ignite spontaneously.

The renewal can be as simple as a few new plants and shoving some chairs and file cabinets around.

They have no record of the discussion at all, no manuscript hidden in an old file cabinet .

Just inside, a mound of debris spills across the floor: A toppled file cabinet .

We began rifling through his personal correspondence, and looked around in his file cabinets for documents that might incriminate him.


Some of them gave a different identity from the one contained in the case file .

I thanked him and left, taking with me copies of the statements in the Southwark Bridge case file .

In most cases I was allowed to read the case file as well as to observe solicitor-client encounters and to attend court.

The figures against the broken lines correspond to the packing percentages from which a 90/10 case file has received random additions.


SYLOGIN.COM SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGIN.COM is your system-wide login command file .

The module referred to by the keyword BUILT-BY is the command file which builds i.e compiles, links etc. the package.

An example of a successful run of the startup command file is shown in Figure 2.2, Example Process Startup.

Note that the startup command file automatically reclaims unused space in the mail file.

Finally, batch files are covered in detail explaining why we use these compact command files and what each batch command does.

SYSTARTUP-V5.COM SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP-V5.COM is your site-specific system startup command file .

Remember, you can not cancel a suspended CLi command file from within a program.


The rest of this section talks you through the operations required to complete the entry and approval of the configuration file .

Section 3.3 looks at some of the parameters in the configuration file not covered in Section 2.4.


Versions are available on a huge range of hardware, and the file formats are interchangeable.

You will then see a menu of possible output file formats , as shown in Figure 1. 4.


An example log file for Type Module is shown in Section 10.4.6.

This file is called the log file.

Most user and system activity was captured and stored in machine-readable log files .

If the primary log file is flawed then the software performing the rebuild operation will switch to the reserve log.

If no input is made then the log file name defaults to LIFESPAN-PI.LOG.

See preceding error message in the incident log file for a fuller explanation of the error encountered.

This log file exists for each module name and may be formatted to a file in the users directory.


Yet some provisional leaders and rank and file members are committed to their Roman catholic religious belief and practice.

Most rank-and-file members are more than ready to welcome clearly articulated initiatives that promise to advance their long-term interests.


If the program file is in the current directory, only the file name needs to be given.

The program requests a file name that we must assign to the network.

If the program is not in the current directory, its full device, path and file name must be specified.

We are also requested to enter either a file name for the test file or the recall file.

The module referred to by BUILT-BY should define the file names which are a result of the building process.

They are passing notes to each other in class with file names to call up or sites to visit.

Error 58: Invalid file name .


In the SmartStream scheme, mainframes can be retained as file servers while cheaper Unix boxes assume its traditional tasks.

The basic design of the nodes is borrowed from commercial file servers .

Encina services include two-phase commit, a structured file server , a transaction monitor and client-to-host communications.

Thus printing would be controlled by a print server; a file server would control loading and saving files.

So, what makes a good file server ?

You also get full support for a Novell NetWare file server .

This will include file server , licence management, and support for links to other environments.

According to Network Appliance, FAServer is the first implementation of a new direction for network file servers called file server appliances.


This is the spin-out's second of three products for compressing, encrypting and speeding up the Unix file system .

Personal computer clients can directly and transparently access the Unix file system and printing resources.

Security assessments include checks on user passwords, file system , network set-up, end-user files and start-up parameters.

For instance, level 1 is best for smaller blocks such as file system information and level 3 is best for main memory swaps.

Similarly, there will be a variant of the 68000 family translator tweaked to make use of the Macintosh file system .

It is seeking four types of technologies: scalable process management, load balancing, scalable networking and scalable file systems .

It is also a comfort that we run in an environment where the whole file system is backed up every night.

Before giving up this half-filled sheet of paper to his file system , the official had noted well its contents.


The input file in the example below is a text file produced by a word-processor.

You laid out your publication by selecting a text file and pasting it on the page.

It allows a separate header text file to point to the file or files to be stored.

You can view text files by clicking on them.

This way you don't need an editor to view a text file .

It's quite magical to watch a Wordstar text file being converted directly into MacWrite without any interference from the user.

This means that the original word processor text file gets behind in the alterations.

However, the text file describing the circuit requires some long hours studying the manual.


There are no extra charges for messages or file transfers .

FastLynx takes the bind out of file transfer .

Network programs that involve remote file transfer are especially susceptible to eavesdroppers gaining access to the contents of files.

For more on file transfer , see p.149.

The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.

The first is pure and simple file transfer .

Everything from business applications to games are available by firing up a World Wide Web browser or file transfer program online.



Asa Vaughan closed the file and looked up.

Zaborski closed the file and pressed a button under his desk.

When I finally closed the file , it was dark outside.

Li Shai Tung closed the file with a sigh.

Hilary Robarts, the Acting Administrative Officer, had already closed her file .

A statement used to close a data file .

You should also close data files before chaining another program.


Some of them gave a different identity from the one contained in the case file .

Inside the window is a list of files contained inside the compressed file.

Early computer programs were that simple; the whole of the program was contained in one file .

It also lists folders containing a single file .


To get started, copy the file on to your hard drive.

Windows now copies the file to the Briefcase and leaves the original intact on your desktop.

It lets you copy and run files and search for and rename programs.

You can copy individual files or whole directories from work to home and vice versa.

Here you can copy files , list files in other directories and even format a floppy disk.

Then we must copy the test file to the network directory.

There's no install program; you just copy the files across to the hard disk.

This involved copying a lot of files between two different desktop computers and a laptop machine.


As well as creating ordinary compressed files , you can even create self extracting versions.

Iprocessing files via Wordpad by dragging them on to its icon than by launching the program that created the file.

Error 1046 Error creating new package file .

To do this, we will create a file of addresses using the same variable list document.

Please verify that there is sufficient disk quota and privilege to create a file in the supplied working directory.

All that is required is to create a new file , although this can be time-consuming.


He later admitted deleting a Financial Times file .

When you delete a file , the contents of the file are still on the disk.

Mr Virdi allegedly sent a second batch of letters after learning that the force could retrieve deleted files .

Make a shortcut to Wordpad, delete the original Wordpad files , and the shortcut no longer does anything useful.

These allow the user to delete and rename files or make a backup copy.

Can I delete these old files ?

You can avoid this problem by deleting any files in: RAM- as soon as you have finished with them.

A.. Your understanding is correct, and you can delete the files .


After you download a compressed file , you must decompress it to get it to work.

Web browsers, once limited to displaying text and graphics and downloading files , have created an entirely new element of risk.

Those who download files from bulletin boards are usually in tune with the overall concept.

The visitor was then told to download a file called david. exe to view the pictures.

I often download compressed Internet files , which usually end with the file extension. zip.

Actions such as downloading files are simple copy operations accomplished by drag and drop.

Still, you should have enough time to download the file you need, and you can call back later for more.

Why would you want to download files ?


Now you need to edit the WIN.INI file .

For more flexibility use the Editor to edit the DOSSHELL.INI file .


People often arrive barefoot, holding file folders stuffed with evidence.

Because of additional printer support, two disks now hold the printer-definition files .

It is a good idea to make your own Windows boxes to hold programs and files of a similar nature.

In order to be able to help effectively, we need to hold personal information on file .

The hybridisation data were held in a flat file data base, with C programs reponsible for data management and collation.

Users can share Windows applications, requiring that only one personal computer holds the application and files .

Three decisions need to be made about how the information is to be held in the file . 1.


Stok opened the file and signed the corners of eight sheets of paper.

They just open their mail and click on the icon to open the file .

Information is held by different ministries, which are reluctant to open up their files .

Quinn went directly to Clinton with his thick petition, minimizing the chance that Justice would open a file .

Only with that official invitation did Manville open the file and pull out its contents.

The following example opens a file and prints to it via the Printer Filter.

He opened the file out and spread the papers across his lap.

A procedure is used to open the file .


Another machine would sometimes read the files in one particular directory and sometimes it wouldn't.

The judge had been reading the court file .

When reading a serial file , EOF would go true when the last byte of the file had been read.

When you browse the Web, various Web sites can read that file and write data into it.

I've read the files on your men.

I read a file on a truant boy.

I opened the seals as carefully as I could and read the file .

For other newsreaders, it's best to read your Help file to get it straight.


It will save you accessing the file manager program as often.

A keyboard combination that saved a file in one program might delete a word in another.

Remember to load and save the file in plain text mode.

There are similar options when you are saving files or running programs.

You can even use a word processor, as long as it will let you save the files as plain text.

When you have typed the program in use the command Save in the file menu to save it.

You can fill in who saved the file , the title, and so on.

The Whiteboard can then be saved as a file that can be loaded for a particular conference.


If you've ever tried sending files to some one in real time you know it can be a problem.

Message overloading occurs when some one sends a very large file to a message box every few minutes.

You can now send the captured file as a fax.

These are, as we noted last week, techniques that allow you to send files without errors.

If the fax at the other end is a fax modem running UntraFAX, you can send files to the remote machine.

The number that is sent to the file is in the range 0 to 225.

It now became easier to send multiple copies of papers to colleagues rather than sending a file on the circuit of an institution.

Could it be some sort of retribution for sending a 440k gif file last week?


Each attribute or set of related attributes is stored in its own file .

Instead they have calculated benefits using a calculator and storing files in manila folders.

Most user and system activity was captured and stored in machine-readable log files .

These images can be stored in computer files and viewed on the screen of any personal computer connected to the system.

The old file won't itself be finally lost until all its space happens to be used for storing new files.

Following earlier reductions in the staff the offices in our basement were unoccupied, but used for storing old files .

The target word that the user intended to write at each position is also known and stored in a file .


EOF is only true if PTR is set beyond the last byte written to in the file .

Many users report that having a written file of what was agreed on during a meeting is especially helpful.

The second argument's least significant byte is written to the file .

At that point, everything that comes across the screen is being written to the file .

The polygon definitions are written to the file whose unit number is 11.

Please verify that there is sufficient disk quota and privilege to write to a file in the supplied working directory.

By using PTR you have complete control over where you read and write data in a file .

Any data still in the file buffer is written to the file before the file is closed.


in single file

The class walked in single file down the hall.

The path was so narrow that we had to walk in single file.

pending file/tray

Abolishing your pending tray will transform your handling of paper.

At least avoid the pending tray syndrome.

But sometimes the pending tray becomes overloaded.

the rank and file

conflict between union leaders and the rank and file at an Alfa Romeo factory

rank-and-file members

The rank and file has lost confidence in the party leadership.

The policy will now have to be approved by the rank and file.


a stack of blue and yellow files

Could you bring me the file on the West murder, please?

I put Callahan's file back in the drawer.

I seem to have lost the file with all my personal records on it.

It's a good idea to save your files to a floppy disk as a backup.

Just click on the icon to open the file .

Only a few people are allowed to see these files.

The FBI keeps files on all suspected terrorists.

The statistics are in the file called "stats.doc."

We keep copies of all applications on file .


According to a letter in the files this man's name was Pavey.

Arriving at Polly's door, Jack checked the number one more time against the information in his file and knocked.

Each attribute or set of related attributes is stored in its own file .

He turned to the last report made by the investigating officer before the file was consigned to Records.

Inside the window is a list of files contained inside the compressed file.

The enemy succeeded in capturing myself and 2, 200 rank and file , many of them being wounded.

They allow you to get to the same file from many different folders without having to make copies of that file.

II. verb




About fifty of us filed in , clutching our drinks.

The jurors filed in , looking weary.

This was reached by outside stairs and some of the nuns, ever hungry, were already filing in .

People in the choir file in silently.

They filed in , giving birth dates and names.

We were asked to sit in the third and fourth rows and the lower school children filed in.

When I got back I could hear the buzz of the audience as they filed in .

The important visitors filed in after them, and then the members of the press corps.



No fee is payable on filing an appeal .

No sooner had voters approved Prop. 209 than civil rights lawyers filed appeals challenging its constitutionality.

Human rights lawyers filed an appeal to the supreme court.

Then they filed another appeal in the federal courts challenging the constitutionality of the death penalty.

A party aggrieved by a decision of an industrial tribunal has 42 days in which to file an appeal .

Because attorneys for Partners filed appeals , Atkins' case may take years to resolve.


In this time, you can file new applications if further modifications to your idea strike.

Straight away, Barrington filed an application for a Heritage Fund acquisition grant.

If leave is granted, the applicant will not have to file a fresh application for the substantive order sought.


The litigation and bankruptcy filing are not expected to have an impact on Barneys's expansion plans, the company said.

In his bankruptcy filing , Symington reported that his interest in the Symington Capital Corp. was worthless.

All three are listed in the bankruptcy filing as owing Evergreen money.

Isetan would not comment on how much the bankruptcy filing might cost it, or on Barneys' threatened lawsuit.

She said the listing in the bankruptcy filing sounded like a private equity partnership, but she would not discuss the investments.

In the bankruptcy filing , Capital Cities is named as the lead investor, with a 20. 4 percent stake.


The police file on the case will remain open, while the evidence is re-examined.

No charges were ever filed in that case .

It was recommended that criminal charges be filed in such cases .

Kopp predicted, however, that there would be few lawsuits filed because the cases are hard to win.

In the meantime the police file on the case will remain open.

Each time the woman struck the child, the youngster cowered and cried, the complaint filed in the case said.


Opposition groups filed impeachment charges that led to a U.S.-style Senate trial that began last month.

They rang his new employers, stating that they would file charges for stealing leads unless they sacked him.

She said Payson police were given evidence to back that allegation, but they never filed charges .

She filed charges , and her four alleged tormenters are now on trial.

Prosecutors plan to show that Martinez ordered several other murders-allegations that were never filed as formal charges .

This time they never bothered to file charges against him.

Authorities withheld the players' names pending the filing of formal charges .


No fee is payable on filing a claim .

Before her death in June 1985, Gentile filed a claim against the town alleging the ticketing was harassment.

Critics say professional athletes have been abusing the generous California system by filing claims from out of state.

The tenant filed a claim against the landlord to recover his losses.

In 1990, 17 employees filed claims with the watchdog agency.

There is no comparable question for the death of Nicole Simpson because the Brown family chose not to file a wrongful-death claim .


The complaint was filed after an investigation into the Feb. 3 incident involving Del.

An amended complaint filed Tuesday was not released.

The Disciplinary Board is responsible for hearing evidence and making decisions on ethical complaints filed against lawyers practicing law in North Dakota.

The House ethics committee has rejected on technical grounds the latest complaint filed against Speaker Newt Gingrich charging him with bribery.

None the less, annual employee complaints filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have doubled.

Each time the woman struck the child, the youngster cowered and cried, the complaint filed in the case said.


But she filed for divorce in June last year after a series of violent rows.

Flinn says this guy lied to her, saying he was legally separated from his wife and had filed for divorce .

The very next day I saw a solicitor and filed for divorce .

Though she has filed for divorce , Anne Mirretti, 38, asked the judge to have pity on her husband.

Danielle has since filed for divorce .

Like the dated documents that mark the summer Jerry and I filed for divorce .

Within months of filing for divorce , he had set up home with Boon co-star Liz Carling and they talked of marriage.


Everybody files the same Form 1040, a simple three-page document.

To get direct deposit of your tax refund, file Form 8888 with your return.


The Union filed a grievances and then, after the first step, let it drop, indifferently, from its beak.


The ruling will be used by more than 100 lawsuits already filed against the firm, which allege that Microsoft overcharged individuals.

The lawsuit , filed Tuesday in state court in Houston, seeks unspecified damages.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in U.S.

Kopp predicted, however, that there would be few lawsuits filed because the cases are hard to win.

For a while, there was a federal lawsuit being filed even day... no kidding, one a day.

In 1990, there were more than 100 million lawsuits filed at the state level.


Gen Jaruzelski's defence lawyers first filed a motion requesting more evidence from prosecutors before charges were laid.

No sooner had voters approved Prop. 209 than civil rights lawyers filed appeals challenging its constitutionality.

Human rights lawyers filed an appeal to the supreme court.

The unions would hire lawyers to file the briefs.

The rival candidates' lawyers filed briefs last weekend.

Thus began an ordeal in which Autry hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit.


Gen Jaruzelski's defence lawyers first filed a motion requesting more evidence from prosecutors before charges were laid.

So far this year, it has filed two motions for injunctions against a planned federal inquest on sects and cults.

When Acevedo refused to provide names, the city filed a motion to terminate her workers' compensation benefits.

The law requires courts to hold up most discovery proceedings until companies can file a motion to dismiss a suit.


No company resolutions are required and there are no Companies Registration Office filing requirements.

Paul Coverdell, accusing the first-term lawmaker of improperly using his office correspondence files in a re-election fundraising effort.

Don't limit yourself to only worksheets-you can choose other Office files as well, such as Word documents.

His office has filed a brief opposing the measure, which the Clinton administration has also opposed in court.


Two major petitions have been filed challenging the court's ruling.

The Chapter 7 petition was filed in federal bankruptcy court in Newark.

They peaked in 1985 when a record 191,000 petitions for divorce were filed .

Kirkpatrick wants to represent himself and has asked for a lawyer to assist him, according to the petition filed Thursday.

Reform Party supporters then circulated new petitions and filed them with Taft last month.


No state requires that you be absolutely certain, before you file a report , that abuse is taking place.

After they filed their report , a detective was assigned to the case to investigate.

Cole is scheduled to file his report with the committee Thursday.

The girl was arrested Monday for investigation of filing a false police report , a misdemeanor.

Consultants would pay registration fees and file quarterly reports with the city Ethics Commission.

She filed this report through her tears.


He filed a request for disciplinary action against Burgess.


But not every company may file a consolidated return .

Tax rebels offer numerous arguments to explain their refusal to file 1040 returns or pay taxes.

The U. S. Treasury loses an estimated $ 130 billion each year because of citizens who underpay or file no return .

On the other hand, some accountants say they will bill clients if legal changes force them to file an amended return .

Under the Forbes plan, filing a tax return might require only two calculations.

You do not owe taxes charged against your spouse unless you and your spouse filed a joint return .

Tax software also can make it easier for taxpayers to file their returns electronically.


This presumably means that leave must be sought to file a supplementary statement where any time limit for filing evidence has expired.

The grand jury indicted Aronoff, R-Cincinnati, and Riffe, D-Wheelersburg, on two counts of filing a false statement .

G would require campaign consultants to file quarterly disclosure statements identifying their clients and detailing their work.

For instance, Work Recovery has yet to file its audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1995.


Both class-action suits , they were filed in San Francisco Superior Court.

The suit was filed in 1994 and is scheduled for trial in October.

That brings us to Hausfeld's suit against Monsanto, filed last month.

The suit was filed in U. S. District Court here.

Because the suit was filed late Friday, representatives for Tarantino and Murphy were unreachable.

In Jones' suit , filed in May 1994, the former Arkansas state employee claimed that then-Gov.

League sources said the suit was filed and then withdrawn in favor of the arbitration hearing.

Most suits are filed after the scientific community or the press has already raised alarms.


Two separate counts of tax evasion were filed against their son and daughter.

Simplifies tax filing for thousands of middle-income Californians by increasing the exemption amounts used in calculating the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Shull said Symington Capital reported the tax debts in its 1995 corporate tax filing .

To get direct deposit of your tax refund, file Form 8888 with your return.

Let the Tax Appraiser file his report.


Alice sat at her desk, filing her nails.

All the students' records are filed alphabetically.

Barb, could you file these papers for me?

I filed away my notes and manuscripts.

Once a complaint is received it is usually filed away and forgotten.

Slawa filed a copy of the contract he'd signed.


Federal indictments have been returned against 47 defendants, and state charges have been filed against 77.

My father was, had cancer, he filed his claim, he had to wait his five months.

On Sept. 29, 1995, an aggravated battery incident report was filed with Metro-Dade Police.

On the other hand, some accountants say they will bill clients if legal changes force them to file an amended return.

Smith Corona files for Chapter 11.

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