Meaning of FILE in English

[file] n [ME, fr. OE feol; akin to OHG fila file] (bef. 12c) 1: a tool usu. of hardened steel with cutting ridges for forming or smoothing surfaces esp. of metal

2: a shrewd or crafty person

[2]file vt filed ; (13c): to rub, smooth, or cut away with or as if with a file [3]file vt filed ; [ME, fr. OE fylan, fr. ful foul] (bef. 12c) chiefly dial: defile, corrupt [4]file vb filed ; [ME, fr. MF filer to string documents on a string or wire, fr. fil thread, fr. OF, fr. L filum; akin to Arm jil sinew] vt (15c) 1: to arrange in order for preservation and reference "~ letters"

2. a: to place among official records as prescribed by law "~ a mortgage" b: to send (copy) to a newspaper "filed a story" c: to return to the office of the clerk of a court without action on the merits

3: to initiate (as a legal action) through proper formal procedure "threatened to ~ charges" ~ vi 1: to register as a candidate esp. in a primary election

2: to place items in a file -- n [5]file n (1525) 1: a device (as a folder, case, or cabinet) by means of which papers are kept in order

2. a archaic: roll, list b: a collection of papers or publications usu. arranged or classified c (1): a collection of related data records (as for a computer) (2): a complete collection of data (as text or a program) treated by a computer as a unit esp. for purposes of input and output -- on file : in or as if in a file for ready reference [6]file n [MF, fr. filer to spin, fr. LL filare, fr. L filum] (1598) 1: a row of persons, animals, or things arranged one behind the other

2: any of the rows of squares that extend across a chessboard from one player's side to the other player's side [7]file vi filed ; (1616): to march or proceed in file [8]file n [LaF, fr. F, pp. of filer to twist, spin] (1806): powdered young leaves of sassafras used to thicken soups or stews

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