Meaning of FLOOR in English

I. noun


a dance floor (= special floor for people to dance on )

dance floor

factory floor

There’s been a lot of talk on the factory floor among the ordinary workers about more layoffs.

first floor

a flat on the first floor

floor lamp

floor plan

floor show

furniture/shoe/floor etc polish

ground floor

a ground floor flat

pace the floor/room

Sam stood up and paced the floor, deep in thought.

sea floor

shop floor

The chairwoman started her working life on the shop floor.

the forest floor (= the ground in a forest )

The forest floor was carpeted with leaves.

the valley floor

Most of the town is built on the valley floor.

top floor

We have a flat on the top floor of the building.




His shoes were off and his cloven hooves showered sparks across the concrete floor .

He fell and hit his head on the concrete floor .

In doing that every day for fifty one years he actually wore a trench in the solid concrete floor .

On the concrete floor inside are tire tracks, and skid marks where kids have done wheelies or donuts.

A low interest loan from an anonymous benefactor allowed the concrete floor to go in.

The lowest six stories were fully framed and concrete floors were being poured.

This policy of renewal was effected by installing a replacement internal structure of load-bearing brick walls and insitu concrete floors .

He was tortured severely, stripped and manacled to a concrete cell floor .


The top floor directly overhead had been abandoned for years.

Troops occupy the top floors of several high-rise buildings in both north and west Belfast.

It came from the top floor .

If gravity was strong, I could go to the top floor of the building and speed up my time.

When they finally reached the top floor , the penthouse office was deserted.

On the top floor of 32, Mrs Mackintosh stared nervously out at the dark street.

The two rooms on the top floor were both beautifully light.

Being on the top floor with its breathtaking view of the surrounding forest was one of the job's many perks.


They could hear the wild rush of the wind and the pattering of rain against floorboards from the deserted upper floor .

Heat will build up in the upper floors .

On the upper floors are a documentation centre and administrative offices with a commanding view of the city.

The courtrooms were on the upper floors , and the prisoners were brought into the service bay.

The distant Tower showed no mark of the flames that had consumed its upper floors .

A large upper floor in their poor district only cost three guilders a week.

The upper floors will be for two 50 bed adult acute wards and accommodation.

A maid's room on the upper mezzanine floor north side.


In the early hours of Thursday morning, the murderer skewered him to the wooden floor of a refreshment hut.

These four swung and whipped and rung little chips off on the wooden porch floor .

She sprawled flat on the hard wooden floor , her cry abruptly silenced as all the air rushed out of her body.

I blinked at the old wooden floor with misunderstanding.

Where the wooden floors were not exposed they were covered in that brown linoleum with a pattern of black fleurs-de-lis.

This scheme was suggested by the need to remove the partially rotten wooden floor , thus deepening the space available for subdivision.

We decided to install a wooden floor and electric lights.



The restored 1920s train has every luxury, including live music, a dance floor , plus first-class food.

When Jack put a foot on the dance floor , some, then all couples stopped and the band trailed off.

Enjoys windsurfing, working out at the gym and strutting his funky stuff on the dance floor .

In the big middle room was a dance floor , with colored lights and a few gook couples doing the fox-trot.

Putting her glass on the bar, she went on to the dance floor with him.

They joined their own hands and stepped on to the dance floor with their man.

She looked across the dance floor and for a moment lost her balance.

Longbine said line dancers have concluded that repeated dance floor collisions were acts of aggression by the ballroom dancers.


Components were stacked in piles all over the factory floor like the contents of an attic.

Rumors swept up from the factory floor and lofted back down again from the cubicles of middle management.

They went through a series of corridors until they reached the factory floor .

Such an agreement, however, has clearer links with the factory floor than the consulting room.

He moved off the factory floor and into management with the same manufacturing firm.

But socialism was doomed unless power remained on the factory floor and flowed upwards, rather than downwards.

Down on the factory floor , automatic control had the expected virtue of moderating high-powered energy sources as mentioned earlier.


When they stepped out of the lift on the ground floor , Romanov spotted Herr Bischoff's father with another customer.

Illingworth greeted me perfunctorily and led me through the now darkened 70 ground floor of the building.

Get in on the ground floor .

The lower ground floor contains a rather characterless, Docklands-style pub.

I descended to the ground floor , passing a man in his mid-sixties, clutching a twenty-dollar bill.

She was found by the caretaker, whimpering and exhausted on the ground floor of the east wing.

On the ground floor one bay would serve as an entrance and utility room, with a stair to the first floor.


I bet her kitchen floor is surgically sterile.

He did a load of laundry, ran a mop across the kitchen floor .

Aunt Margaret helped Victoria construct a high house from a greasy set of playing cards on the kitchen floor .

Evidently, some one has been living beneath my kitchen floor , taking comfort in the heat of my boiler.

The steamy yellow gruel in the bucket splashed out on to the kitchen floor .

Wash and, if necessary, wax kitchen floor .

The kitchen floor , Martina said, was like a jacuzzi.

Officers returned Saturday and noticed that the kitchen floor had been recently scrubbed.


These critical areas are defined as being: In doors and side panels, up to a height of 1.5m above floor level .

Remember, floor level draughtproofing materials should be fitted securely and not be loose-lying as they can be a hazard for falls.

Outside the shop at first floor level was a magnificent six-foot magnet.

And at floor level the Revue sits on four skid feet.

From the 14C to the nearly modern, there is a perceptible drop in the floor level .

Between those ribs, at floor level , sub-chambers formed deep caves.

In a moment they would realise what she was doing and keep their fire at floor level .

Damp at floor level will nearly always be due to plumbing and heating pipe leaks.


These are rocket-shaped projectiles loaded with vitrified waste, and dumped from ships to plunge into soft sediments on the ocean floor .

About 100 tons of contaminated sediments still lie on the ocean floor .

Here, perhaps, all the ocean floor material has been carried up into the mountains.

These of course raise little or no dust unless the impactor reaches the ocean floor before detonating.

He assured Field that it was possible to lay a cable on the ocean floor .

They continued to pursue their own explanations for the mysterious mountains on the ocean floor .

And always to areas where the ocean floor dropped dramatically; great fissures in the rocky crust.

This took the form of an unusual series of stripes, discovered as ships towing magnetometers trolled above the ocean floor .


Draw a simple floor plan of your new home showing where the furniture is to go.

We consult an architect, laying our current floor plan before her and describing our needs.

Above, ground floor plan of Saltoun, East Lothian.

They were 16 pages long and looked like the floor plans for the lunar shuttle.

One of the first points to consider when reorganizing is the basic floor plan and convenient work triangle mentioned on page 97.

It was a much better floor plan than I would have come up with had I not known about feng shui.

The master drawing is usually the ground floor plan , taken as a section at one metre height.

The floor plan is modeled after the Latin cross.


At the outer edge of each shelf, the sea floor plunges precipitously down into the depths.

Distinguishing between active sonar returns from mines and returns from rocks and debris on the sea floor is difficult.

Later still it was found covering extensive areas of the sea floor south of Ireland.

Sonar behaves differently because sounds reverberate off the sea floor .

This creature, shaped like a slim leaf about 6 centimetres long, lives half-buried in the sand of the sea floor .

He knows that most of his bottles will become encrusted with algae and settle to the sea floor .

Though they cover more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface, the rocks of the sea floor are virtually inaccessible.

Tiny oceanic microorganisms solidify carbon and oxygen gases dissolved in sea water to produce a salt which settles on the sea floor .


By the time Goals 2000 returned to the Senate floor , it was March 23, 1994, a Wednesday.

Capitol Hill visitors are often shocked to see two or three senators on the Senate floor .

Harry Reid, face a tough fight on the Senate floor .

Once it reached the Senate floor , the Helms amendment won handily, 75 to 22.

He will need to sell his candidacy and meet the Democratic air attack with regularly televised speeches from the Senate floor .


The effects of large-scale unemployment and changes in the laws affecting trade unions have sapped militancy on the shop floor .

Traditional craft know-how was being reduced to scientific data and passing from workman to manager, from shop floor to front office.

Support groups were located on the shop floor around the high-performance teams which they served.

In metalworking, your margins end up on the shop floor with even the slightest employee inattention.

Over several years, the company had introduced these new machines on to the shop floor .

Working Conditions Most industrial production managers divide their time between the shop floor and their office.

Robotics and shop floor systems - control systems, industrial robots and manufacturing equipment.

While engineering curricula included science and mathematics, they were still rooted in the shop floor .


Dancers say tension between ballroom and line dancers who compete for dance floor space has existed for years.

The algae tanks were stacked so they took less than 8 square metres floor space .

How did mall stores battle back, saddled with higher rents, less floor space and lower volume than their competitors?

Newsagents across the country had cleared extra floor space for the 60,000 additional copies of the paper.

As large a group as can fit has gathered in the available floor space to dance.

There was a fourposter bed with tattered red hangings taking up nearly all of the floor space .

A couple of jumbo jets could land on the floor space that houses this bash.


She walked on, her footsteps deliberately loud on the stone floor .

The kitchen was like a big utility room with a huge sink, a stone floor , and a large wooden table.

There is a sudden scuffle as one of the dancers collapses, delirious on to the stone floor .

Biko died on the stone floor of his cell the next day of severe head trauma and brain damage.

He is afraid of falling and of the stone floor under him.

Before he got half way, they dropped with an almighty crash on to the stone floor .

He had a little hut with a stone floor , and a supply of handles and twigs.

She had dropped the cup on the stone floor of the kitchen.



The woman fell to the floor and fractured a wrist as the attacker made off.

It found its mark; one of the suitors fell dying to the floor .

Then there came the sound of something falling on the floor .

The umbrella fell to the floor with a sharp crack of the ferrule on the tile.

On her way past him, Dermot stuck a foot out and Ellie fell to the floor .

In so doing, I banged into the edge of the sink and fell to the floor .

Some of the white substance fell on to the floor .

Later, while dancing, Johnson slipped and fell to the floor , and the curious gathered around.


In those days, the sweat would fall off my hands and I'd hear it hitting the floor .

Well, you never saw jokes hit a ballroom floor and slide off like those did.

Greenslade and I had hit the floor early.

If you smell smoke, hit the floor , and crawl to the nearest exit.

He was dead before his body hit the floor .

He heard Barnabas hit the study floor running, scattering a braided rug to kingdom come.

All that hit the floor was a glossy leaflet inviting her to discover the magic of Christmas at the local hypermarket.

Somebody snapped out the lights inside at the sound of those shots and everybody hit the floor .


In the police cells the Masai warrior, Tepilit, lies on the mud floor .

Midnight was lying on the floor away from the bed she had made him.

I wanted to pick up the poker and beat him over the head until he lay senseless on the floor .

I hobbled upstairs and lay on the floor to get my shorts off.

He went in, and found an elderly woman lying on the floor .

On the landing he noticed a piece of paper lying on the floor between the stepladder and the wall.

A scattered heap of books and manuscripts lay on the floor .


He liked to sit on the floor , but was careful not to do so too often.

The reason is that the child usually sits on the floor to put her shoes on and her knees point outwards.

He turned off the cold water, picked up the razor blade and sat on the floor next to the tub.

They did not sit on the floor .

Lady Jones sat in a straight-backed chair; several chil-dren sat cross-legged on the floor in front of her.

Joey sat on the floor with the others.

His boss sat on the forty-first floor and was still basking in the reflected glory of his minion.


The Salomon trading floor was unique.

He pushed his way on to the trading floor and became a bond trader.

Our chairman, John Gutfreund, left his desk at the head of the trading floor and went for a walk.

At any given moment on the trading floor billions of dollars were being risked by bond traders.

The traders joined him, in a show of support, gathering the garbage cans from across the trading floor .

You also went to the trading floor to learn.

After three months in the class trainees circulated wearily around the trading floor for two months more.

He walked around the trading floor with a confidence seen in few of the people who were actually working.


be/get in on the ground floor

mop the floor with sb

rooted to the spot/floor/ground etc

Ashi found herself rooted to the spot in disbelief as she watched the threshing legs of her daughter.

For a few moments he had felt rooted to the floor and had been unable to move.

For a moment, she was rooted to the spot.

He stands still, his feet rooted to the ground, his knees locked.

He stood rooted to the spot.

So startled was he by this sudden onslaught, Ryker momentarily froze, rooted to the spot.

Unable to move, Philippa remained rooted to the spot.

the factory floor

the first floor

the first floor

the sea floor

wipe the floor with sb

I'd think twice before I started a fight with him - he'd wipe the floor with me!

And had I not wiped the floor with the little squirt, conversationally speaking?

Have your best conversationalists around to tea or dinner and Richard would wipe the floor with them.

It was never his habit to try to wipe the floor with anyone.

She had thought he would wipe the floor with her if he ever learned of her deception.

She was about to wipe the floor with her enemies.

The magazine Jamming saw the band wipe the floor with all opposition in all categories outside the female sections.

This is good because it prevents the enemy character wiping the floor with your Goblins.

Yet Oakland were also supposed to wipe the floor with Los Angeles a year ago.


Cody spilled his milk on the kitchen floor .

Ray and Lisa were the first ones on the dance floor .


Each speaker requires slightly more than a square foot of floor space and weighs 55 pounds.

I hadn't even looked at the floor in case I got nostalgic for my own personal locks now lost to me for ever.

Let's just shove everything back into the cupboards, clean the floor and go.

She turned her face to the floor and remained praying in that position for three days and nights.

Sun beat through the windows of the flat and made patterns on the floor .

The blaze destroyed most of the second floor of the three-story structure, which never reopened.

The prettiest bedroom has oak beams and original wide floor boards.

They only dragged her more roughly, so that her knees scraped along the rough cement floor .

II. verb


be/get in on the ground floor

the factory floor

the first floor

the first floor

the sea floor


She floored the Audi and took off.

The champion floored Watson with a single punch.

We were floored that so many people came.


He was an administrator, not an astronomer, and that question had always floored him.

Just put it in a really low gear and floor it.

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