Meaning of FLOOR in English

n. & v.


1. a the lower surface of a room. b the boards etc. of which it is made.

2 a the bottom of the sea, a cave, a cavity, etc. b any level area.

3 all the rooms etc. on the same level of a building; a storey (lives on the ground floor; walked up to the sixth floor).

4 a (in a legislative assembly) the part of the house in which members sit and from which they speak. b the right to speak next in debate (gave him the floor).

5 Stock Exch. the large central hall where trading takes place.

6 the minimum of prices, wages, etc.

7 colloq. the ground.


1. furnish with a floor; pave.

2 bring to the ground; knock (a person) down.

3 colloq. confound, baffle (was floored by the puzzle).

4 colloq. get the better of; overcome.

5 serve as the floor of (leopard skins floored the hall).

Phrases and idioms:

first (US second) floor the floor above the ground floor. floor-lamp US a standard lamp. floor-leader US the leader of a party in a legislative assembly. floor manager 1 the stage manager of a television production.

2 a shopwalker. floor plan a diagram of the rooms etc. on one storey of a building. floor-polish a manufactured substance used for polishing floors. floor show an entertainment presented on the floor (as opposed to the stage) of a nightclub etc. floor-walker US a shopwalker. from the floor (of a speech etc.) given by a member of the audience, not by those on the platform etc.

take the floor

1. begin to dance on a dance-floor etc.

2 speak in a debate.


floorless adj.

Etymology: OE flor f. Gmc

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