Meaning of FLOOR in English



Pronunciation: ' flo ̇ r

Function: noun

Usage: often attrib

Etymology: Middle English flor, from Old English fl ō r; akin to Old High German fluor meadow, Latin planus level, and perhaps to Greek planasthai to wander

Date: before 12th century

1 : the level base of a room

2 a : the lower inside surface of a hollow structure (as a cave or bodily part) b : a ground surface <the ocean floor >

3 a : a structure dividing a building into stories also : STORY b : the occupants of such a floor

4 : the surface of a structure on which one travels <the floor of a bridge>

5 a : a main level space (as in a stock exchange or legislative chamber) distinguished from a platform or gallery b : the specially prepared or marked area on which indoor sports events take place c : the members of an assembly <took questions from the floor > d : the right to address an assembly <the senator from Utah has the floor >

6 : a lower limit : BASE

– floored adjective

– from the floor : in field goals as opposed to free throws <made 16 of 18 shots from the floor >

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