Meaning of FLOOR in English


[floor] n, often attrib [ME flor, fr. OE flor; akin to OHG fluor meadow, L planus level, and perh. to Gk planasthai to wander] (bef. 12c) 1: the level base of a room

2. a: the lower inside surface of a hollow structure (as a cave or bodily part) b: a ground surface "the ocean ~" 3 a: a structure dividing a building into stories; also: story b: the occupants of such a floor

4: the surface of a structure on which one travels "the ~ of a bridge"

5. a: a main level space (as in a stock exchange or legislative chamber) distinguished from a platform or gallery b: the members of an assembly "took questions from the ~" c: the right to address an assembly "the senator from Utah has the ~"

6: a lower limit: base -- floored adj

[2]floor vt (15c) 1: to cover with a floor or flooring

2. a: to knock or bring down b: flabbergast, dumbfound

3: to press (the accelerator of a vehicle) to the floorboard; also: to accelerate rapidly "~ed the van" -- n

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