Meaning of TIP in English

I. verb (~ped; ~ping) Etymology: Middle English Date: 14th century transitive verb overturn , upset , 2. cant , tilt , to raise and tilt forward in salute , intransitive verb to become ~ped ; topple , lean , slant , II. noun Date: 1673 the act or an instance of ~ping ; tilt , a place for depositing something (as rubbish) by dumping, III. transitive verb (~ped; ~ping) Etymology: Middle English ~ped having a ~, from 4~ Date: 14th century 1. to furnish with a ~, b. to cover or adorn the ~ of, to blend (furs) for improved appearance by brushing the ~s of the hair with dye, to affix (an insert) in a book, to remove the ends of , IV. noun see: tap Date: 14th century the usually pointed end of something , a small piece or part serving as an end, cap, or point, ~ped adjective V. noun Etymology: Middle English ~pe; akin to Low German ~pen to tap Date: 15th century a light touch or blow, VI. verb (~ped; ~ping) Date: 1567 transitive verb to strike lightly ; tap , to give (as a baseball) a glancing blow, intransitive verb ~toe , VII. noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1567 a piece of advice or expert or authoritative information, a piece of advance or confidential information given by one thought to have access to special or inside sources, VIII. transitive verb (~ped; ~ping) Date: 1883 to impart a piece of information or advice about or to, to mention as a likely candidate, prospective winner, or profitable investment ; tout 4, IX. verb (~ped; ~ping) Etymology: perhaps from 6~ Date: circa 1610 transitive verb give , present , to give a gratuity to, intransitive verb to bestow a gratuity, X. noun Date: 1755 a gift or a sum of money tendered for a service performed or anticipated ; gratuity

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