Meaning of TIP in English


tip 1

— tipless , adj.

/tip/ , n. , v. , tipped, tipping .


1. a slender or pointed end or extremity, esp. of anything long or tapered: the tips of the fingers.

2. the top, summit, or apex: the tip of the mountain.

3. a small piece or part, as of metal or leather, forming or covering the extremity of something: a cane with a rubber tip.

4. Also called tip-in, tip-on . an insert, as an illustration, map, or errata slip, pasted to a page of a book, magazine, etc., usually along the binding margin.

5. a small, delicate tool made of fine hair cemented between two cards, for applying gold leaf.


6. to furnish with a tip.

7. to serve as or form the tip of.

8. to mark or adorn the tip of.

9. to remove the tip or stem of (berries or certain fruits or vegetables).

10. to frost the ends of (hair strands): I'm having my hair cut and tipped tomorrow.

11. tip in , Bookbinding. to paste the inner margin of (a map, illustration, or other plate) into a signature before gathering.

[ 1175-1225; ME; cf. D, LG, Dan tip, Sw tipp, G zipf- in Zipfel tip ]

tip 2

— tippable , adj.

/tip/ , v. , tipped, tipping , n.


1. to cause to assume a slanting or sloping position; incline; tilt.

2. to overturn, upset, or overthrow (often fol. by over ).

3. to remove or lift (one's hat or cap) in salutation.

4. Brit. to dispose of by dumping: The dustmen tipped the rubbish on the municipal dump.


5. to assume a slanting or sloping position; incline.

6. to tilt up at one end and down at the other; slant.

7. to be overturned or upset: The car tipped into the ditch.

8. to tumble or topple (usually fol. by over ): The lamp on the table tipped over.

9. tip one's hand , to reveal one's plans, true feelings, etc., often unintentionally.


10. the act of tipping.

11. the state of being tipped.

12. Brit.

a. a dump for refuse, as that from a mine.

b. Informal. an untidy place, esp. a room: They must have packed and left in a rush, because the place is an absolute tip.

[ 1300-50; earlier tipen, ME typen to upset, overturn ]

tip 3

— tipless , adj. — tippable , adj.

/tip/ , n. , v. , tipped, tipping .


1. a small present of money given directly to someone for performing a service or menial task; gratuity: He gave the waiter a dollar as a tip.

2. a piece of private or secret information, as for use in betting, speculating, or writing a news story: a tip from a bookie.

3. a useful hint or idea; a basic, practical fact: tips on painting.


4. to give a gratuity to.


5. to give a gratuity: She tipped lavishly.

6. tip off , Informal.

a. to supply with private or secret information; inform.

b. to warn of impending danger or trouble; caution beforehand: The moonshiners had been tipped off that they were about to be raided.

[ 1600-10; perh. special use of TIP 4 ]

Syn. 3. suggestion, pointer.

tip 4

/tip/ , n. , v. , tipped, tipping .


1. a light, smart blow; tap.

2. Baseball. a batted ball that glances off the bat. Cf. foul tip .


3. to strike or hit with a light, smart blow; tap.

4. Baseball. to strike (the ball) with a glancing blow.

[ 1425-75; late ME (n.); perh. tippen to tap ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .