Meaning of USE in English

I. noun Etymology: Middle English us, from Anglo-French, from Latin usus, from uti to ~ Date: 13th century 1. the act or practice of employing something ; employment , application , the fact or state of being ~d , a method or manner of employing or applying something , 2. a. habitual or customary usage, an individual habit or group custom, a liturgical form or observance, 3. the privilege or benefit of using something , the ability or power to ~ something (as a limb or faculty), the legal enjoyment of property that consists in its employment, occupation, exercise, or practice , 4. a particular service or end , the quality of being suitable for employment , good 2b , the occasion or need to employ , 5. the benefit in law of one or more persons, a legal arrangement by which such benefits and profits are so established, a favorable attitude ; liking , II. verb (~d; using) Date: 14th century transitive verb accustom , habituate , to put into action or service ; avail oneself of ; employ , to consume or take (as liquor or drugs) regularly, to carry out a purpose or action by means of ; utilize , to expend or consume by putting to ~, to behave toward ; act with regard to ; treat , stand 1d , intransitive verb 1. — ~d in the past with to to indicate a former fact or state to take illicit drugs regularly, Synonyms: see: ~

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