Meaning of USE in English

verb , noun

■ verb / juːz; NAmE / ( used , used / juːzd; NAmE /)


[ vn ] use sth (for sth / for doing sth) | use sth (as sth) to do sth with a machine, a method, an object, etc. for a particular purpose :

Can I use your phone?

Have you ever used this software before?

How often do you use (= travel by) the bus?

They were able to achieve a settlement without using military force.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

The blue files are used for storing old invoices.

The building is currently being used as a warehouse.

You can't keep using your bad back as an excuse.

I have some information you may be able to use (= to get an advantage from) .


[ vn ] to take a particular amount of a liquid, substance, etc. in order to achieve or make sth :

This type of heater uses a lot of electricity.

I hope you haven't used all the milk.


[ vn ] to say or write particular words or a particular type of language :

The poem uses simple language.

That's a word I never use.

You have to use the past tense.


[ vn ] ( disapproving ) to be kind, friendly, etc. to sb with the intention of getting an advantage for yourself from them

SYN exploit :

Can't you see he's just using you for his own ends ?

I felt used.


to take illegal drugs :

[ vn ]

Most of the inmates have used drugs at some point in their lives.

[ v ] ( slang )

She's been using since she was 13.


- I, you, etc. could use sth

- use your head


- use sth up

■ noun / juːs/


[ U , sing. ] the act of using sth; the state of being used :

A ban was imposed on the use of chemical weapons.

The software is designed for use in schools.

I'm not sure that this is the most valuable use of my time.

The chapel was built in the 12th century and is still in use today.

The bar is for the use of members only.


[ C , U ] a purpose for which sth is used; a way in which sth is or can be used :

I'm sure you'll think of a use for it.

This chemical has a wide range of industrial uses.

—see also single-use


[ U ] use (of sth) the right or opportunity to use sth, for example sth that belongs to sb else :

I have the use of the car this week.


[ U ] the ability to use your mind or body :

He lost the use of his legs (= became unable to walk) in an accident.


- be no use (to sb)

- be of use (to sb)

- come into / go out of, etc. use

- have its / their / your uses

- have no use for sb

- have no use for sth

- it's no use (doing sth) | what's the use (of doing sth)?

- make use of sth/sb

- put sth to good use



Middle English : the noun from Old French us , from Latin usus , from uti to use; the verb from Old French user , based on Latin uti .

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