Meaning of USE in English


Pronunciation: ' yüz

Function: verb

Inflected Form: used \ ' yüzd, in the phrase “ used to ” usu ' yüs(t) \ ; us · ing \ ' yü-zi ŋ \

Date: 14th century

transitive verb


2 : to put into action or service : avail oneself of : EMPLOY

3 : to consume or take (as liquor or drugs) regularly

4 : to carry out a purpose or action by means of : UTILIZE also : MANIPULATE 2B < used him selfishly>

5 : to expend or consume by putting to use ― often used with up

6 : to behave toward : act with regard to : TREAT < used the prisoners cruelly>

7 : STAND 1D <the house could use a coat of paint>

intransitive verb

1 ― used in the past with to to indicate a former fact or state <we used to go more often> <didn't use to smoke>

2 : to take illicit drugs regularly

synonyms USE , EMPLOY , UTILIZE mean to put into service especially to attain an end. USE implies availing oneself of something as a means or instrument to an end <willing to use any means to achieve her ends>. EMPLOY suggests the use of a person or thing that is available but idle, inactive, or disengaged <looking for better ways to employ their skills>. UTILIZE may suggest the discovery of a new, profitable, or practical use for something <an old wooden bucket utilized as a planter>.

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