Meaning of ISSUE in English

[is.sue] n [ME, exit, proceeds, fr. MF, fr. OF, fr. issir to come out, go out, fr. L exire to go out, fr. ex- + ire to go; akin to Goth iddja he went, Gk ienai to go, Skt eti he goes] (14c) 1 pl: proceeds from a source of revenue (as an estate)

2: the action of going, coming, or flowing out: egress, emergence

3: a means or place of going out: exit, outlet

4: offspring, progeny "died without ~"

5. a: a final outcome that usu. constitutes a solution (as of a problem) or resolution (as of a difficulty) b obs: a final conclusion or decision about something arrived at after consideration c archaic: termination, end "hope that his enterprise would have a prosperous ~ --T. B. Macaulay"

6. a: a matter that is in dispute between two or more parties b: the point at which an unsettled matter is ready for a decision "brought the matter to an ~" 7: a discharge (as of blood) from the body

8. a: something coming forth from a specified source "~s of a disordered imagination" b obs: deed

9. a: the act of publishing or officially giving out or making available "the next ~ of commemorative stamps" "~ of supplies by the quartermaster" b: the thing or the whole quantity of things given out at one time "read the latest ~" -- is.sue.less adj -- at issue 1: in a state of controversy: in disagreement

2. also in issue : under discussion or in dispute

[2]issue vb is.sued ; vi (14c) 1 a: to go, come, or flow out b: to come forth: emerge c: to come to an issue of law or fact in pleading

2: accrue "profits issuing from the sale of the stock"

3: to descend from a specified parent or ancestor

4: to be a consequence or final outcome: emanate, result

5: to appear or become available through being officially put forth or distributed

6: eventuate, terminate ~ vt 1: to cause to come forth: discharge, emit

2. a: to put forth or distribute usu. officially "government issued a new airmail stamp" "~ orders" b: to send out for sale or circulation: publish c Brit: provide 2b, supply syn see spring -- n

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