Meaning of ISSUE in English

I. ˈi(ˌ)shü, ˈish(ˌ)yü, ˈi(ˌ)shu̇, ˈish(ˌ)yu̇, before a vowel often -_sh(y)əw; chiefly in the southern United States -_sh(y)ə before a consonant or pause or before a vowel in a following word; chiefly Brit ˈi(ˌ)syü or ˈi(ˌ)syu̇ or ˈisyəw noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, way out, exit, proceeds, from Old French eissue, issue, from feminine of eissu, issu, past participle of eissir, issir to come out, go out, from Latin exire to go out, from ex- ex- (I) + ire to go; akin to Gothic iddja he went, Greek ienai to go, Sanskrit eti he goes, and probably to Old English ēode he went

1. issues plural : proceeds from a source of revenue (as an estate)

rents, profits, and issues



(1) : the action of going out or coming out or flowing out from something : outgoing , egress , outflow

the issue of water from a broken pipe

a constant entrance and issue of visitors

the river's place of issue

(2) : the action of coming forth from or as if from something in which one is immersed : emergence

the issue of a people from barbarism into a civilized way of life

b. : the power to go out or come out or flow out from something

potentialities that remain repressed for lack of issue


a. : a means of going out from something : exit , outlet , vent

a dark labyrinth that had no issue

b. : a place where something goes out from something : place of egress

at the northern issue of the plaza a beautiful boulevard begins

specifically : the point at which a body of water flows out into another usually larger body of water

a river whose source and issue were unknown

4. : offspring , progeny

died without issue

specifically : one or more persons descended from a common ancestor


a. : final outcome : result , consequence

no chance at all of a happy issue — C.P.Snow

b. obsolete : a final conclusion or decision about something arrived at after consideration

c. archaic : termination , end

to hope that his enterprise would have a prosperous issue — T.B.Macaulay


a. : a point in question of law or fact ; specifically : a single material point of law or fact depending in a suit that is affirmed by one side and denied by the other and that is presented for determination at the conclusion of the pleadings


(1) : a matter that is in dispute between two or more parties or that is to be disputed by the parties : a point of debate or controversy

the issue over which of them was to be leader

seemed to want to make an issue of almost everything

(2) : a matter not yet finally settled and on the settlement of which something else depends : a pregnant unsettled matter : a vital question

burning issues of the day

an issue that could make or wreck careers — T.H.White b. 1915

to judge of each issue … in the light of fact — Rose Macaulay

: problem

in every genuine metaphysical debate some practical issue , however conjectural and remote, is involved — William James

: a controverted subject or topic

the issue of desegregation

c. : something entailing alternatives between which to choose or decide : something involving judgments or decisions

a situation seen in terms of the issue it presents — Archibald MacLeish

d. : the point at which an unsettled matter is ready for a decision : the point at which a question is ripe for decision

quickly brought the matter to an issue

e. : a means of settling a point of debate or controversy ; specifically : a test or trial by means of which a question can be settled — used with put

the theory was challenged and finally put to the issue


a. : a discharge (as of blood) from the body that is caused by disease or other physical disorder or that is produced artificially

had long suffered from an issue of blood

b. : an incision made to produce such a discharge


a. : something proceeding or coming forth from a usually specified source

an issue of smoke from a chimney

especially : something proceeding from a usually specified source by or as if by flowing out or emanating or emerging from it

hallucinations and other issues of a disordered imagination

b. obsolete : something done by a specified agent : deed



(1) : the act of officially putting forth or getting out or printing (as new currency or postage stamps) or making available or distributing (as supplies or material) or giving out or granting (as licenses) or proclaiming or promulgating (as a written order or directive)

eagerly awaiting the next issue of commemorative stamps

issue of supplies by the quartermaster

(2) : the act of bringing out (as a new book or a revised edition of a book or a new number of a magazine or a fresh printing of a newspaper) for distribution to or sale or circulation among the public : publication

issue of the enlarged edition is awaited with interest

the many details involved in each day's issue of a newspaper

(3) : the act of offering securities for sale to investors

a new issue of government bonds

(4) chiefly Britain : circulation 8a, 8c

b. : the condition or fact of being produced or made available by such action

the book's issue at such a time took everyone by surprise

c. : the thing (as a bank note or a security or an item of supplies or an individual's license or a copy of a book, magazine, newspaper) or the whole quantity of things (as all the postage stamps put forth with a certain design or the whole extent of supplies given out on a certain date or all the copies of a periodical printed for a specified day or month) produced or made available at one time or on a certain date by such action and usually distinguished (as in date, design, content, nature) from those produced or made available at some other time

waiting for the next issue of the magazine

bought specimens of each new issue of stamps

d. chiefly Britain : circulation 8b

10. : the first delivery of a negotiable instrument complete in form (as a bill or note) to a person who takes it as a holder

Synonyms: see effect

- at issue

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English issuen, from Middle French issu, past participle of issir to come out, go out — more at issue I

intransitive verb


a. : to go out or come out or flow out

they issued out into the street

a great sigh of relief issued from the ancient lungs — T.B.Costain

the narrow coastal plain into which the Congo issues — Tom Marvel

b. : to come forth from or as if from something in which one is immersed : emerge

the external acts which … issue from these precepts — R.W.Southern

c. : to come to an issue of law or fact in pleading

2. : accrue

profits issuing out of sale of the stock

3. : to come forth by way of descent from a specified parent or ancestor : become descended : be an offspring of a specified parent or ancestor

children that shall issue from thee — Isa 39:7 (Douay Version)


a. : to proceed or come forth from a usually specified source

from the dining room issued the sound of two voices — Louis Bromfield

his enmity issued from the old man's fear of a possible young rival — C.S.Forester

especially : to proceed or come forth from a usually specified source by or as if by flowing out or emanating or emerging from it

blood issued from the cut and trickled down his forehead


(1) : to be or have a consequence or final outcome : result

social unrest issuing in several serious conflicts — C.B.Roden

any unhappiness that we experience issues generally from our circumstances — W.F.Hambly

(2) : to be of such a kind or to have such a nature as to have or tend toward a specified end or consequence or outcome : turn out to have a certain result : end up by being something specified

such a theory of ethics issues in three crucial problems — Iredell Jenkins

issuing in necessary and immutable results — J.H.Newman

: eventuate

this change in policy issued in a permanent institution — W.R.Inge


a. : to appear or become available through being officially put forth or distributed or granted or proclaimed or promulgated : appear through issuance

were astonished at the flood of currency issuing each year

b. : to appear or become available through being brought out for distribution to or sale or circulation among the public : appear through publication

no new editions are expected to issue from that press

c. : to go forth by authority

there must be an affidavit made showing reasonable grounds before the warrant can issue — Paul Wilson

transitive verb

1. : to cause to come forth : give vent to : discharge , emit

a volcano issuing smoke and fire

2. obsolete : to bring forth (offspring)


a. : to cause to appear or become available by officially putting forth or distributing or granting or proclaiming or promulgating : cause to appear through issuance

the government issued a new airmail stamp

issued a decree

issued a formal letter to his adherents

issued rifles and rations

b. : to cause to appear or become available by bringing out for distribution to or sale or circulation among the public : publish

issued the book shortly after the author's death


a. obsolete : terminate , settle

b. archaic : to cause to have a specified consequence or final outcome or result : cause to end up in something specified

Synonyms: see spring

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