Meaning of HOLE UP in English

intransitive verb

1. : to take refuge or shelter in a hole or cave or as if in one : seek protection

gone upstate to where her people were … figured on holing up with them for a while until she got over being afraid — R.F.Mirvish

holed up in caves until they were blasted out by tommy gun and dynamite — Newsweek

2. : to go into hiding

breaks jail and holes up in an isolated turkey ranch — Newsweek

badmen who holed up in badlands where others dared not venture — Ford Times

transitive verb


a. : to place in or as if in a refuge, a shelter, or a hiding place

during the wartime absence of her husband … she was holed up with two small sons on a farm — New Yorker

b. : imprison

the gunman holed them up in the house for two days

2. : to hold up or delay especially for a long time

housing legislation is holed up in a Senate committee — Time

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