Meaning of UP in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ʌp ]

adv., prep., adj., n., & v. --adv. 1 at, in, or towards a higher place or position (jumped up in the air; what are they doing up there?). 2 to or in a place regarded as higher, esp.: a northwards (up in Scotland). b Brit. towards a major city or a university (went up to London). 3 colloq. ahead etc. as indicated (went up front). 4 a to or in an erect position or condition (stood it up). b to or in a prepared or required position (wound up the watch). c in or into a condition of efficiency, activity, or progress (stirred up trouble; the house is up for sale; the hunt is up). 5 Brit. in a stronger or winning position or condition (our team was three goals up; am ø10 up on the transaction). 6 (of a computer) running and available for use. 7 to the place or time in question or where the speaker etc. is (a child came up to me; went straight up to the door; has been fine up till now). 8 at or to a higher price or value (our costs are up; shares are up). 9 a completely or effectually (burn up; eat up; tear up; use up). b more loudly or clearly (speak up). 10 in a state of completion; denoting the end of availability, supply, etc. (time is up). 11 into a compact, accumulated, or secure state (pack up; save up; tie up). 12 out of bed (are you up yet?). 13 (of the sun etc.) having risen. 14 happening, esp. unusually or unexpectedly (something is up). 15 taught or informed (is well up in French). 16 (usu. foll. by before) appearing for trial etc. (was up before the magistrate). 17 (of a road etc.) being repaired. 18 (of a jockey) in the saddle. 19 towards the source of a river. 20 inland. 21 (of the points etc. in a game): a registered on the scoreboard. b forming the total score for the time being. 22 upstairs, esp. to bed (are you going up yet?). 23 (of a theatre-curtain) raised etc. to reveal the stage. 24 (as int.) get up. 25 (of a ship's helm) with rudder to leeward. 26 in rebellion. --prep. 1 upwards along, through, or into (climbed up the ladder). 2 from the bottom to the top of. 3 along (walked up the road). 4 a at or in a higher part of (is situated up the street). b towards the source of (a river). --adj. 1 directed upwards (up stroke). 2 Brit. of travel towards a capital or centre (the up train; the up platform). 3 (of beer etc.) effervescent, frothy. --n. a spell of good fortune. --v. (upped, upping) 1 intr. colloq. start up; begin abruptly to say or do something (upped and hit him). 2 intr. (foll. by with) raise; pick up (upped with his stick). 3 tr. increase or raise, esp. abruptly (upped all their prices). øbe all up with be disastrous or hopeless for (a person). on the up and up colloq. 1 Brit. steadily improving. 2 esp. US honest(ly); on the level. something is up colloq. something unusual or undesirable is afoot or happening. up against 1 close to. 2 in or into contact with. 3 colloq. confronted with (up against a problem). up against it colloq. in great difficulties. up-anchor Naut. weigh anchor. up and about (or doing) having risen from bed; active. up-and-coming colloq. (of a person) making good progress and likely to succeed. up and down 1 to and fro (along). 2 in every direction. 3 colloq. in varying health or spirits. up-and-over (of a door) opened by being raised and pushed back into a horizontal position. up draught an upward draught, esp. in a chimney. up for available for or being considered for (office etc.). up hill and down dale up and down hills on an arduous journey. up in arms see ARM(2). up-market adj. & adv. towards or relating to the dearer or more affluent sector of the market. up the pole see POLE(1). ups and downs 1 rises and falls. 2 alternate good and bad fortune. up the spout see SPOUT. up stage at or to the back of a theatre stage. up sticks see STICK(1). up-stroke a stroke made or written upwards. up to 1 until (up to the present). 2 not more than (you can have up to five). 3 less than or equal to (sums up to ø10). 4 incumbent on (it is up to you to say). 5 capable of or fit for (am not up to a long walk). 6 occupied or busy with (what have you been up to?). up to date see DATE(1). up to the mark see MARK(1). up to the minute see MINUTE(1). up to snuff see SNUFF(2). up to one's tricks see TRICK. up to a person's tricks see TRICK. up with int. expressing support for a stated person or thing. what's up? colloq. 1 what is going on? 2 what is the matter? [OE up(p), uppe, rel. to OHG uf]

English main colloquial, spoken dictionary.      Английский основной разговорный словарь.