Meaning of UP in English


Function: adjective

Date: before 12th century

1 a : risen above the horizon <the sun is up > b : STANDING c : being out of bed d : relatively high <the river is up > <was well up in her class> e : being in a raised position : LIFTED <windows are up > f : being in a state of completion : CONSTRUCTED , BUILT g : having the face upward h : mounted on a horse <a new jockey up > i : grown above a surface <the corn is up > j (1) : moving, inclining, or directed upward <the up escalator> (2) : bound in a direction regarded as up

2 a (1) : marked by agitation, excitement, or activity (2) : positive or upbeat in mood or demeanor b : being above a former or normal level (as of quantity or intensity) <attendance is up > <the wind is up > c : exerting enough power (as for operation) <sail when steam is up > d : READY specifically : highly prepared e : going on : taking place <find out what is up >

3 a : risen from a lower position <men up from the ranks> b : being at the same level or point <did not feel up to par> c (1) : well informed : ABREAST < up on the news> (2) : being on schedule < up on his homework> d : being ahead of one's opponent

4 a : presented for or undergoing consideration <contract up for negotiation> also : charged before a court < up for robbery> b : being the one whose turn it is <you're up next>

– up against : confronted with : face-to-face with <the problem we are up against >

– up to

1 : capable of performing or dealing with <feels up to the task>

2 : engaged in <what is he up to >

3 : being the responsibility of <it's up to me>

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.