Meaning of PASS in English


n. 25B6; verb

the traffic passing through the village : GO, proceed, move, progress, make one's way, travel.

a car passed him : OVERTAKE, go past/by, pull ahead of, overhaul, leave behind.

time passed : ELAPSE, go by/past, advance, wear on, roll by, tick by.

he passed the time writing letters : OCCUPY, spend, fill, use (up), employ, while away.

pass me the salt : HAND (OVER), let someone have, give, reach.

he passed the ball back : KICK, hit, throw, lob.

her estate passed to her grandson : BE TRANSFERRED, go, be left, be bequeathed, be handed down/on, be passed on; Law devolve.

his death passed almost unnoticed : HAPPEN, occur, take place, come about, transpire; poetic/literary befall.

the storm passed : COME TO AN END, fade (away), blow over, run its course, die out, finish, end, cease.

God's peace passes all human understanding : SURPASS, exceed, transcend.

he passed the exam : BE SUCCESSFUL IN, succeed in, gain a pass in, get through; informal sail through, scrape through.

the Senate passed the bill : APPROVE, vote for, accept, ratify, adopt, agree to, authorize, endorse, legalize, enact; informal OK.

she could not let that comment pass : GO (UNNOTICED), stand, go unremarked, go undisputed.

we should not pass judgement : DECLARE, pronounce, utter, express, deliver, issue.

passing urine : DISCHARGE, excrete, evacuate, expel, emit, release.

stop, fail, reject.

25B6; noun

you must show your pass : PERMIT, warrant, authorization, licence.

a cross-field pass : KICK, hit, throw, shot.

25A0; come to pass (poetic/literary) HAPPEN, come about, occur, transpire, arise; poetic/literary befall.

25A0; make a pass at MAKE (SEXUAL) ADVANCES TO, proposition; informal come on to, make a play for; N. Amer. informal hit on, make time with, put the make on.

25A0; pass away/on . See die sense 1.

25A0; pass as/for BE MISTAKEN FOR, be taken for, be accepted as.

25A0; pass off

the rally passed off peacefully : TAKE PLACE, go off, happen, occur, be completed, turn out.

when the dizziness passed off he sat up : WEAR OFF, fade (away), pass, die down.

25A0; pass someone off MISREPRESENT, falsely represent; disguise.

25A0; pass out FAINT, lose consciousness, black out.

25A0; pass something over DISREGARD, overlook, ignore, pay no attention to, let pass, gloss over, take no notice of, pay no heed to, turn a blind eye to.

25A0; pass something up TURN DOWN, reject, refuse, decline, give up, forgo, let pass, miss (out on); informal give something a miss.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.