Meaning of PASS in English


v. 1 Often, pass by. proceed or move past, go by or past She passed me in the street I didn't recognize her till she had passed. We met like ships that pass in the night. 2 proceed, move (onwards), go (ahead), progress, extend, lie, run, flow, fly, roll, course, stream, drift, sweep A flock of geese passed overhead 3 let pass, let go (by), overlook, disregard, ignore, pay no heed, omit, skip I think I'll pass on making a decision till the proper time comes 4 qualify (in), pass muster (in), get or come through, succeed Deirdre didn't believe she would pass chemistry, but pass she did 5 spend, devote, use (up), expend, employ, occupy, fill, while away, take (up); dissipate, waste, fritter away, kill He passed his time on Devil's Island planning ways to escape 6 surpass, exceed, outdo, transcend, go beyond, overshoot, outstrip, outrun, surmount, outdistance She passed her own expectations in winning the scholarship How Alan ever got a degree passes all comprehension. 7 allow, tolerate, permit, approve, sanction, accept, authorize, endorse, carry, agree to, confirm The customs inspectors passed my luggage without question The bill passed the committee and came up for voting. 8 give, hand round or along or over, transfer, pass on or over, deliver, convey, Sports US hand off, Colloq toss, throw, reach Please pass the salt The sweeper passed the ball back to the goalkeeper. 9 utter, express, issue, declare, pronounce, deliver, set forth, offer Who is she to pass judgement on abstract paintings? 10 go away, disappear, vanish, evaporate, fade away, melt away, evanesce, cease (to exist), (come to an) end, die out, go by the board, terminate, Literary evanish, Colloq blow over For an instant I was gripped by a horrible fear, but the feeling passed 11 go (by), expire, elapse; slip by or away, fly; crawl, creep, drag Weeks have passed since we last met Time passes quickly when you're having fun. 12 evacuate, void, eliminate, excrete, defecate, urinate The tests showed that he had passed some gravel in his urine 13 come to pass. befall, happen, occur, take place, come about, arise, Colloq come off And it came to pass that a great pestilence was abroad in the land 14 pass away. a die, expire, perish, succumb, breathe one's last, pass on, go to one's reward, go to one's final or last resting-place, (go to) meet one's Maker, Colloq go west, give up the ghost, Slang croak, kick the bucket, Chiefly US bite the dust, turn up one's toes He was the sole beneficiary when she passed away b vanish, disappear, go away, stop, cease, end The feeling of vertigo simply passed away when the plane landed 15 pass by. See 1, above The strikers were urging people to pass by the shop 16 pass for or as. a be taken for, be mistaken for, be regarded as, be accepted as He wrote a book about being a man who passed for a woman b impersonate, imitate, mimic, pass (oneself) off as, come or go as, be disguised as, disguise oneself as, assume the guise of, masquerade as, pose as, assume the role of, act the part of, act like, pretend to be, play Using her best cockney accent, she tried to pass as a Londoner 17 pass off. evaporate, disappear, evanesce, be emitted The water passes off as steam, leaving the distillate in the flask 18 pass on. a proceed, continue, progress Let us now pass on to the next lesson b bequeath, hand down or on, transfer, make over, will, cede, give The old gambler passed on to me the secret of never losing - Don't gamble c See 14, (a), above. 19 pass (oneself) off as. See 16, (b), above. 20 pass out. a faint, collapse, swoon, black out, drop, Colloq conk out, keel over When they told her of the accident, she passed out on the spot b distribute, dole out, mete out, deal (out), hand out After we took our seats, the cabin staff passed out glasses of champagne 21 pass over. See 3, above I shall pass over his latest misdeeds without comment 22 pass up. reject, decline, refuse, waive, turn down, dismiss, spurn, renounce; deny (oneself), skip, give up, forgo, let go (by), abandon, forswear, forsake, let pass, ignore, pay no heed, disregard, pay no heed, omit If you don't buy this car, you are passing up an opportunity of a lifetime

n. 23 defile, gorge, col, cwm, cut, canyon or cañon, notch, gap, gully, couloir; passage, opening, way, route, road We had mined the pass to prevent the enemy's advance 24 authorization, permit, licence, approval, safe conduct, green light, go-ahead; permission, freedom, liberty, authority, clearance; Colloq OK or okay He bribed an official for a pass to leave the country 25 free pass, complimentary ticket, Slang US twofer, Annie Oakley I have two passes to the opera tonight - Want to go? 26 state (of affairs), condition, situation, stage, juncture, status, crux; predicament, crisis At that critical pass, it was too late to change policy Things had come to a pretty pass. 27 attempt, trial, try, effort, endeavour Anita's first pass at a perfect score resulted in disaster We made a pass at docking while under sail. 28 (sexual or indecent) overture or advance(s), proposition, indecent proposal That lecher has made a pass at every secretary he's ever had 29 manoeuvre, approach; passage, flight, fly-by, transit The pilot's first pass over the airfield was at 500 feet 30 transfer, toss, throw, US hand-off A forward pass is illegal in rugby

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