Meaning of STOCK in English

I. stock 1 S2 W2 /stɒk $ stɑːk/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: stocc 'tree-trunk, block of wood' ]

1 . IN A SHOP [uncountable and countable] a supply of a particular type of thing that a shop has available to sell:

We have a huge stock of quality carpets on sale.

Buy now while stocks last!

out of stock/in stock (=unavailable or available in a particular shop)

I’m sorry, that swimsuit is completely out of stock in your size.


a) [countable] especially American English a ↑ share in a company:

the trading of stocks and shares

b) [uncountable] the total value of all of a company’s ↑ share s

3 . AMOUNT AVAILABLE [countable] the total amount of something that is available to be used in a particular area:

Cod stocks in the North Atlantic have dropped radically.

the stock of housing in rural areas

4 . SUPPLIES [countable] a supply of something that you keep and can use when you need to

stock of

He keeps a stock of medicines in the cupboard.

The country has been building up its stock of weapons.

5 . take stock (of something) to think carefully about the things that have happened in a situation in order to decide what to do next:

While in hospital, Jeremy took stock of his life.

6 . COOKING [uncountable and countable] a liquid made by boiling meat or bones and vegetables, which is used to make soups or to add ↑ flavour to other dishes:

chicken stock

vegetable stock

7 . GUN [countable] the part of a gun that you hold or put against your shoulder, usually made of wood

8 . ANIMALS [uncountable] farm animals, especially cattle SYN livestock

9 . the stocks

a) a wooden structure in a public place to which criminals were fastened by their feet or hands in the past

b) a wooden structure in which a ship is held while it is being built

10 . sb’s stock is high/low if someone’s stock is high or low, they are very popular or very unpopular:

Simon’s stock is high in the network news business.

11 . stock of jokes/knowledge/courage etc the jokes, knowledge etc that someone knows or has:

John seems to have an inexhaustible stock of funny stories.

12 . be of Scottish/Protestant/good etc stock to belong to a family that in the past lived in Scotland, were Protestants, were respected etc

13 . FLOWER [countable] a plant with pink, white, or light purple flowers and a sweet smell

14 . PLANT [countable] a thick part of a stem onto which another plant can be added so that the two plants grow together

15 . ACTORS [countable] American English a ↑ stock company (2)

II. stock 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

1 . if a shop stocks a particular product, it keeps a supply of it to sell:

We stock a wide range of kitchen equipment.

2 . to fill something with a supply of something

stock something with something

Our refrigerator at college was always stocked with beer.

stock up phrasal verb

to buy a lot of something in order to keep it for when you need to use it later

stock up on

I have to stock up on snacks for the party.

III. stock 3 BrE AmE adjective

1 . stock excuse/question/remark etc an excuse etc that people often say or use, especially when they cannot think of anything more interesting or original – used to show disapproval

2 . [only before noun] stock item/size something that is available in a shop and does not have to be ordered

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