Meaning of STOCK in English

I. ˈstäk noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English stok, from Old English stocc; akin to Old English stycce piece, Middle Dutch & Old High German stoc stick, stump, trunk of a tree, Old High German stucki piece, Old Norse stokkr block of wood, trunk of a tree, stykki piece, Middle Irish tūag ax, bow, tōcht part, piece, Sanskrit tujati, tuñjati he pushes; basic meaning: to push, strike


a. : a stump of a tree

b. archaic : a log or block of wood

c. : something held to resemble a log or stump of wood in having no life or consciousness ; specifically : idol — usually used in the phrase stocks and stones

all our fathers worshiped stocks and stones — John Milton

2. : a supporting framework or structure: as

a. : the support of the block in which an anvil is fixed or of the anvil itself

b. stocks plural : the frame or timbers on which a ship rests while under construction

the old-time shipyard in whose stocks were built so many … men-o'-war — S.P.B.Mais

large ships would collapse in the stocks — S.F.Mason

c. chiefly Scotland : the outer rail or edge of a bed

d. : the frame bearing the moving parts of a spinning wheel

e. : the casing surrounding and supporting a lock

f. : a frame in which an animal (as a horse or cow) may be slung or otherwise secured especially for shoeing

3. : a person who is dull, stupid, or lifeless like a block of wood

they stood like stocks, stupidly listening — Dorothy C. Fisher

4. stocks plural : a frame of timber with holes formerly used to confine the feet or the feet and hands of offenders commonly in a public place by way of punishment — compare pillory


a. : the main stem of a plant : trunk


(1) : a living plant or portion of a plant (as a root) designed or prepared for union with a scion in grafting and usually supplying solely or predominantly underground parts to a graft ; also : the portion of a grafted plant derived from the stock

(2) or stock plant : a plant maintained primarily for the production of slips or cuttings


a. : the crosspiece of an anchor which cants it so that one of the flukes may enter the ground — see anchor illustration

b. : the narrow part of a rudder above the blade



(1) : the source of a line of descent : the original progenitor : the original (as a man, a race, or a language) from which others have descended or have been derived

one of … many sons might well become the stock of a new dynasty — E.A.Freeman

(2) obsolete : the original source from which something is derived

the sun, the stock of light — Thomas Fuller


(1) : the progenitor of a family and his direct descendants : the whole group of descendants of one individual : a line of descent : family , lineage

she comes of good stock

(2) : a compound organism : a colony of individuals (as of interconnected zooids) — compare clone

c. : an infraspecific group usually having unity of descent:

(1) : a major anthropological division or primary race of mankind

the main stocks of mankind are usually held to be the Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids

(2) : a race, subrace, or group of ethnically closely related people

the Hamite stock of northern Africa

d. : the living constituents of a biological group

the stock of a strain


(1) : a related group of languages

(2) : a language family

8. obsolete : trunk 1b

9. chiefly dialect : stocking — see netherstock , upperstock


a. obsolete : a sum of money set apart for a specific purpose (as to provide for expenses)

b. obsolete : capital for investment or direct use in a business : principal as distinguished from interest

c. obsolete : something constituting an endowment for a son or a dowry for a daughter

d. archaic : basis , grounds — usually used in the phrase upon the stock of

11. : the block of wood from which a bell is hung


a. : the equipment, materials, or supplies (as of a farm or railroad)

inspectors who report on the sufficiency of the works and stocks of railways — Homersham Cox

— see dead stock , livestock , rolling stock

b. : livestock


a. : the wooden part into which the barrel, receiver, and action of a rifle or shotgun are fitted and by which the piece is held for firing

b. stocks plural : the often wooden parts fitted to the frame of a handgun to form the grip — compare buttstock , tipstock

c. : the connecting arm between slide and shoulder piece in rapid-fire guns

d. : the long beam of general rectangular shape which forms the basis of the carriage body in field-gun carriages being securely fastened to the axletree, forming the connection with the limber in traveling, and affording the necessary third point of support when the gun is fired

14. archaic

a. : property that produces income : assets

b. : the aggregate wealth of a nation

15. : a hive of honeybees

16. : the wooden or iron beam of a plow to which the handles, share, colter, moldboard, and landside are secured



(1) : the portion of a pack of cards not distributed to the players at the beginning of various games

(2) : boneyard 3

b. obsolete : hand

18. : the hub of a wheel

19. chiefly Britain : the capital that a firm employs in the conduct of business (as trading or investing)


a. : the part of a tally formerly given to the creditor in a transaction ; specifically : the part given in the English exchequer to the person having lent the monarch money on account


(1) : the debt or fund represented by such a stock or a series of such stocks ; specifically : the debt or fund due from a government or a private company or corporation to individuals for money loaned at interest and not divided into shares but instead being divisible and transferable in any amount desired not involving divisions smaller than a specified sum — compare consol , municipal security

(2) chiefly Britain : a debt, fund, or capital bearing interest at a given rate percent in perpetuity and characterized by the principal not being payable unless at the option of the debtor

c. : a specific debt or fund of such character

d. : a security representing such a debt or fund — usually used in plural

21. : a quantity of something accumulated for future use : a store or supply to be drawn upon

lay in a stock of provisions

a girl should have … stocks of lovely clothes — Robertson Davies

its members … put everything into a common stock — Norman Goodall

his own contribution to the general stock of knowledge — Benjamin Farrington

22. : a block of wood or metal frame which constitutes the body of a plane and in which the plane iron is fitted : a plane stock

23. obsolete : money invested by a person in a company or partnership


a. : any of various pubescent European and Asiatic herbs and subshrubs that constitute the genus Matthiola, bear racemes of usually sweet-scented flowers with 4 long-clawed petals, and include numerous forms chiefly derived from the southern European species ( M. incana ) which are widely cultivated as ornamentals — see brampton stock , ten-week stock

b. : virginia stock

25. : the butt or handle of an implement (as a whip, hunting crop, or fishing rod)


a. : the store of goods held by a merchant or manufacturer : the supply on hand : inventory

b. : a quantity (as of completed parts or finished product) held especially in a storeroom ready for delivery to customers

no publishers' stocks remain of the German edition — British Book News

c. : the supply of plants or of seeds of a kind of plant in a nursery, greenhouse, seed house, or other horticultural establishment


a. : a wide band or scarf worn about the neck commonly by men during the 18th century and often wrapped twice around and tied in front with a knot

wearing a pearl stickpin in his stock — Hamilton Basso

b. : a piece of material worn by some clergymen attached to a clerical collar and covering the chest


a. : the proprietorship element in a corporation divided into shares and represented by transferable certificates and giving to the owners a pro rata interest in the assets, the earnings, and except where withheld in the charter the voting power of the business — compare capital stock , common stock , convertible , cumulative , fully paid , guaranteed stock , no-par , par , participating stock , preferred stock , redeemable

b. : the proprietorship element of a particular corporation

high quality growth stocks

c. : a share of such stock

d. : a security representing such a share

29. Britain : a hard solid brick that has been pressed in a mold — usually used in plural

30. : liquid in which meat, fish, or vegetables are simmered and which is used as a basis for soup, stew, gravy, or sauce


a. : a beater in a fulling mill for cloth

b. stocks plural : a fulling mill for cloth

32. : the handle or contrivance by which bits are held in boring : bitstock , brace

33. : the shorter of the two pieces comprising a square (as a carpenter's square)

34. : an estimate, evaluation, or appraising survey of something (as of one's position, resources, or prospects)

he took stock and sought … to pick up the threads of his business — Milton Bracker

the council … took stock of the situation — F.L.Paxson

35. : a holder for a threading die and especially for any of a graduated set of dies for cutting screw threads on bolts and usually having a pair of relatively long handles

36. : a small metal container for holy oil used especially in the Roman Catholic Church


a. : raw material from which something is manufactured : the basic material used in making or producing something

paper stock

film stock

— see soap stock

b. : wood used in the construction of something : lumber

the saw will cut round stock to 3/4 in. in diameter — Industrial Equipment News

c. : petroleum oil partly or completely refined that is to undergo further processing

38. : confidence, faith, or value in something

put little stock in his testimony

take no stock in abstract rights — O.W.Holmes †1935

did not at first take much stock in it — M.R.Cohen

39. : a body of igneous rock that is smaller than a batholith and intruded upward into older formations and that in ground plan is roughly circular or elliptical but in cross section may increase downward

40. stocks plural : a machine for softening hides by beating or kneading


a. : the stump of a coppice which is expected to furnish new sprouts

b. : growth of a specified kind constituting a forest cover

42. : material supplied to a break roll or reel in flour milling

43. : stockpile 2


a. : stock company

b. : the production and presentation of plays by a stock company

the beginning of resident stock in Seattle — American Guide Series: Washington

played bit parts in summer stock — S.T.Williamson

sold for films or released for stock — N.Y.Times

45. : the anterior individual of a chain of asexual annelid worms of Nais or related genera


a. : stuff 2c

b. : wet pulp at any point in the manufacturing process

c. : paper on hand or in storage

47. : a post bearing a holy-water vessel

48. : the estimation in which someone or something is held

his stock with the electorate remains high — Newsweek


a. : stock car 2

racing modified stocks — W.L.Gresham

b. : a race involving stock cars

winners … in the Class B stocks — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

Synonyms: see variety

- in stock

- off the stocks

- on the stocks

- out of stock

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English stokken, from stok, n.

transitive verb

1. : to put (as a culprit) in the stocks : punish by confinement in the stocks

2. archaic : to dig or root up : extirpate — often used with up

3. : to make pregnant (a female domestic animal) : impregnate

4. : to provide (as a rifle, anchor, or bell) with a stock : fit to or with a stock

5. archaic : to make an investment of (funds) : put (capital) out at interest : invest

6. : to provide with stock : equip with a stock of something : supply with material requisites : furnish with appropriate items

retailers stocked their shelves conservatively — Dun's Review

he stocked the farm with … Hereford cattle — American Guide Series: Maine

a bar … stocked with gins and liquors — Scott Fitzgerald

stock a stream with trout

a good sound head … well stocked with ideas — Rose Macaulay

— sometimes used with up

stock up the place with … new specimens — H.L.Davis

7. : to let (a cow) retain milk for hours before sale to display the udder to advantage

8. : to lay up a stock of : keep on hand especially for sale : get or have (as merchandise) in stock

stores that stock everything from plowshares to lamp chimneys — American Guide Series: Arkansas

most bookshops do not stock encyclopedias — Evelyn Kirkland

9. : to put (playing cards) into a pack especially in such a way as to arrange for the purpose of cheating : stack


a. : to graze livestock on (as pasture)

b. : to graze (livestock) on land and especially grassland

11. : to issue shares in or stocks of (a business enterprise)

12. : to stamp or knead (as hides) with or as if with stocks in leather manufacturing

13. : to deliver (logs) from the woods to a railroad or to a mill

14. : to rough-machine with a stocking cutter

intransitive verb

1. : to send out new shoots — used especially of the crown of a plant or a severed trunk or branch

2. : to put in stock or supplies — usually used with up

stock up for the holiday trade

stock up on supplies

3. : to swell or become swollen — used of a horse's legs and especially of the part between the pasterns and the hock

III. adverb

Etymology: Middle English stok, from stok, n.

: completely — used in combination

stood stock -still

struck stock -dumb

IV. adjective

Etymology: stock (I)

1. : used or employed for constant service or application as if constituting a portion of a stock or supply : kept regularly in stock or ready for sale or for immediate use

a stock size of paper

a stock model of an automobile

cars must be clean and stock — Illustrated Speedway News

a stock size


a. : suggesting something regularly kept in or as if in stock or ready for use : commonly used or brought forward : standard

the stock answer to all these complaints — Nation

humor depending upon stock situations — American Guide Series: Tennessee

the stock responses of the slick fictionist — L.O.Coxe

a stock jest among English gentlemen — V.L.Parrington

b. : commonplace , conventional , trite


a. : kept for breeding purposes : brood

a stock mare

a stock bull

b. : devoted to the breeding and rearing of livestock especially beef cattle, horses, sheep, and hogs

a stock farm

c. : used by or intended for the use of livestock

stock range

stock train

stock water

4. : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a stock company

other plays which did not figure as stock favorites — D.J.Rulfs

stock actors


a. : employed in handling, checking, or taking care of the stock of merchandise on hand (as in a store or factory)

a stock girl

a stock clerk

b. : containing the stock

6. : suitable for fattening

stock cattle

V. ˈshtäk, ˈstäk noun

( -s )

Etymology: German, from Old High German stoc stick, stump, trunk of a tree — more at stock I

: stick ; especially : one used by skiers — sometimes used in combination

alpen stock

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