born June 23, 1846, Paris died June 30, 1916, Paris French Egyptologist and director general of excavations and antiquities for the Egyptian government, who was responsible for locating a collective royal tomb of prime historic importance. Maspero taught Egyptian language at Paris, from 1869 until his appointment as professor at the Collge de France in 1874. In November 1880 he went to Egypt as head of an archaeological mission that grew into the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology. Succeeding Auguste Mariette as director general of excavations and antiquities (188186) for the Egyptian government, he recorded scenes and inscriptions from important tombs and continued Mariette's museum work and excavation of the pyramids at Saqqarah. In 1881 his suspicion that a royal tomb had been discovered by grave robbers led to the apprehension of a thief who revealed a tomb secreted in a cliff near Dayr al-Bahri. It contained 40 mummies, including those of the pharaohs Seti I, Amenhotep I, Thutmose III, and Ramses II, in inscribed sarcophagi, as well as a profusion of decorative and funerary artifacts. Maspero's intensive study of these findings was published in Les Momies royales de Deir-el-Bahari (1889; The Royal Mummies of Dayr al-Bahri). After a period in Paris (188689), he returned to Egypt and began arranging and cataloging the now-vast collection of antiquities that he and his predecessor Mariette had amassed at a museum in the Bulaq district of Cairo. This collection became the nucleus of the Egyptian Museum, which Maspero helped found in 1902. During his second, long tenure as director general (18991914), Maspero regulated excavations, tried to prevent illicit trade in antiquities, sought to preserve and strengthen monuments, and directed the archaeological survey of Nubia. His writings include Histoire ancienne des peuples de l'Orient classique, 3 vol. (189597; Ancient History of the Peoples of the Classic Orient), L'Archologie gyptienne (1887; Egyptian Archaeology), Les Contes populaires de l'gypte ancienne (4th ed. 1914; Popular Tales of Ancient Egypt), and Causeries d'gypte (1907; New Light on Ancient Egypt).

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