Meaning of CHARLES in English



German Karl

born Feb. 24, 1500, Ghent

died Sept. 21, 1558, San Jerónimo de Yuste, Spain

Holy Roman emperor (1519–56) and king of Spain (as Charles I, 1516–56).

Son of Philip I of Castile and grandson of Ferdinand V and Isabella I and of Emperor Maximilian I , he succeeded to his grandfathers' kingdoms on their deaths in 1516 and 1519, respectively. Important events of his reign include the Diet of Worms and the beginning of the Reformation ; his defeat of Francis I , which assured Spanish supremacy in Italy (see Italian Wars ); wars against Turkey under Süleyman I ; the formation of the Schmalkaldic League ; the Council of Trent ; and the Peace of Augsburg . He struggled to hold his vast Spanish and Habsburg empire together against the growing forces of Protestantism, Turkish and French pressure, and even hostility from Pope Adrian VI. In 1555–56 Charles abdicated his claims to the Netherlands and Spain in favour of his son Philip II and the title of emperor to his brother Ferdinand I , and in 1557 he retired to a monastery in Spain.

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